Gotta Go get Q, he is running around the pizza game place and wont leave for Integrated Listening Systems (ILS)...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Well, this is the first time this has happened. They often call but he then says OK I will come. She said he is not aggressive or anything but he keeps runnning away. UGGG... Please pray he comes in my car nicely.
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    She just called and he came out to the car.... poor girl, she has so much patience.
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    Too much stimulation? Glad he finally cooperated although I can see where it would be very frustrating. Good luck!
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    SO they had started at MOA and apparently something happened there and a full wing of the mall was blocked off by cops and of course it meant he could not get his docs popcorn he always gets. So they went to the pizza place because he had all these tickets saved up. then when time to go he refused until she called me then he left. then she told him that she had told me what happened at MOA. He got mad about that for some reason. So they arrived here and he burst thru the door and immediately started hitting me and screaming his head off that I shouldn't know that and he didn't want me to know. Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) said tell her what you spent your money on like it was a normal home coming trying Occupational Therapist (OT) get him into his routine but he just got more mad and grabbed the chain from our lock and refused to let her leave. It told him to move or I was calling the police. I had had it. I grabbed my phone and dialed 933 LOL and said I had an out of control kid and that htey needed to come and get him fast. I could see it was not his out of control kind of rage, it was that he was just really really mad and with an audience in her he kept going so I wanted her gone. he said NO and I said move out of the way so she can go NOW! and he did. gave me the lock (after throwing a boot at me) and she left. I unplugged the tv and told him to get to his room NOW. he did. I will let him process later but he still thought they were coming for a long time so I let it stay that way until his rage chemicals were calmed. I pretended to call back and said to keep the paper work out so that you can come get him if he acts up again. He is in his room. No samsung galaxy player either. He got his legos and is playing with his stuffed animals...saying hi to all of them..doesn't really play. He is trying to talk to me about other things. and every time I just want to yell at him so i am only responding with simple answers so he will stay calm. I just HAD to say he hadn't done that for a long time, right??? NEVER let me post that again. Make me delete it okay??????

    This was just plain old bad behavior. Not that I dont think he was really upset but he took it to that level because of how he learned to get attention from it in the psychiatric hospital. it was just like those times when he looked around and saw there was a nurse so started yelling and being a totally different kid to how he is normally. Well, in this case, he is getting a punishment. this is NO seizure. you all know I give him the benefit of the doubt usually but this time, HE77 NO!

    I know we have talked about fake 911 calls and I do not want to go there, but it totally worked! I will not be hit by him and if it would have gone on and I would have been wrong it would have been a real 911 call. I know he would go to psychiatric hospital but still, I would call.

    He is TOTALLY calm and fine now. ugg
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    Oh Buddy! I am so sorry he had such a bad night. I was hoping that he would have a great night. Hope you have calmed down. That had to have been so very frustrating. I hope the rest of the evening goes a little better, and Q settles.
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    Uck. What an awful evening. It does sound different from his seizure behavior. I hate when they are older and you KNOW they are only escalating because they have an audience to impress. Do you have a back door that the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) person could leave through? We sometimes did this because it stopped the tantrum earlier than anything else.

    It is awesome that you can tell the difference between seizure and this kind of nonsense. I think a consequence is certainly in order. No idea what, but I am sure you will have something.

    Do something to help yourself unwind tonight!! You earned it.
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    Well HUGE clue it was not tics or seizures .. he totally is accepting my no tv, no galaxy player adn staying in his room. He is using a nice tone etc. I have a clearer picture of what happened since Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) texted.

    He was pretty freaked out about all the cops at the mall. kept talking about it all night. I think it must have scared him some how along with the not getting his popcorn and then having to leave.

    He was probably doing that winding up like a top and finally when he got home he spun!

    He held it together for her, that is the good news. He spun out of control for me, that stunk....

    Yes we have a back door but it goes down to a security garage and I didn't want her to have to go thru all that.

    It was so nice not having sore arms from his pounding them, now it hurts again. I hate that.
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    Wow. Do you have any idea if HE wanted to be the one to tell you about the "excitement" at the MOA? Or that he was mad at Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker for telling you about the difficulty at the pizza place? Just curious about what was going through his head to begin with. Sorry it was such a horrible night. Definitely do something for yourself.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear there was a full moon. difficult child 1 was in rare form today too. He's better tonight but I wasn't holding my breath most of the day. Ugh!!
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    Thanks for answering my questions WHILE I was typing them. LOL
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    LOL TeDO, any time!

    So, the rest of the night, no I still doubt a seizure.
    I think he really did get very anxious about the MOA cop thing because Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker said every time the topic died down, he started asking a million questions. I think he also thought I'd say he can't go anymore.

    He has been sorting things in his room, cleaning and even asked if he could stay up late to clean since "I got a good start on it now..." I said no he needs to go to bed and he said OK. this is not the out of control kind of rage.

    This actually scares me more but is one thing I KNOW we can work on and he can improve on because he has over the years. I know it still fundamentally is related to his brain injury and how he perceives and processes, and to his impulse control issues, but he has gained so much more control over the years and when calm he will discuss things more.

    He tries lately to solve these issues himself too.

    Tonight we decided this would be good to talk to the counselor about.

    I am not as angry now, took a while. But I just am so tired of being his punching bag even if not as severe as he used to I dont want even to be patted too hard! Just done with it. I know it is unrealistic to think there will be none but???

    so, to show how over it he is... the news was on. They are talking about building a new football stadium and debating new locations. One is by my sisters house. It is a former armory and needs to be cleaned up from toxic waste. So with all the money issues etc... so other people are interested. people who will foot the bill entirely and not ask for public monies...

    Casino people for one... but what got Q all excited..... NASCAR!!!! (for anyone new to our story that is his high interest area... since very very young, knows all the drivers, all the cars, their stories, when races are coming up etc... just loves it) He ran up to me and gave me a hug like I asked them Occupational Therapist (OT) come to MN. It is just a thought, no deal or anything... but he is out of his mind happy.
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    Glad to hear you both had time to breathe and process. Don't you love it when they feel guilty for their actions. Hey, YOU don't have to clean his room this time. LOL Sorry about the hitting again. I wish I could help him get past that. Have you ever gotten him one of those weighted on the bottom blow-up punching bags? My kids used to have one and I taught them to punch that instead of each other when they were young. It worked great until difficult child 1 HAD to find out what was the "weight" in the bottom and disected it. LOL Yes, he's the VERY curious type. Has to know HOW everything works. Ugh
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    Well, buddy, if ever the Green Berets need to recruit an extraordinary special agent, they know where to look, I'd say! You displayed great thinking under pressure and cool under fire...
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    Are you talking about Buddy? or Q?
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    I'm sure she must have meant Q, LOL
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    Well, no, I meant Buddy actually... although come to think of it... :)