Great get-togethers this weekend,


Roll With It
I used to work at a restaurant near the local university. Have very much remained friends with the owners (their granddau is my J's best friend - the girls even have the same birthday!)

I got a call 2 weeks ago that they are having a 50th year employee reunion. So far: A cookout at the lake (a company benefit was open access to a cabin at a local lake), then a really nice dance with a live band, kids invited. Tomorrow we are meeting for an early lunch at the restaurant - free on the company!!

I saw some old friends I worked with, some I hadn't yet met, and just had a wonderful time. We don't get many weekends (or even outings) like these. And boy did we need it this weekend!!

Some jobs are just really great, make you glad you took them!



Good for you. It is great when employers recognize their workers. Especially like that. Sounds like you workers were really close. Makes for a good happy working environment. in my opinion benefits the company because you get better help. People who want to be there, rather than people who must be there.

Glad you had such a good time.