Grey's Anatomy!!!


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Just wondered if anyone watched tonight. I am being a baby! Can't say more. By the way, the band singing the song, I can't think of the name right now, but etalk™ (Canadian entertainment show, our equal to Entertainment Tonight™) said they were from Quebec) were really good. in my opinion

Don't want to say more because of the time zones and whatnot....



(the future) MRS. GERE East Coasters are watching it right now. We'll talk about it tomorrow. :grin:


saving grace

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I am still teary! Even with the tragedy it still had its funny romantic parts. I just love this show. I DVR it every week so I can re watch it when there isnt anything else on tv. I love George!!!




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That show was not a good one to watch for me last night with this pending sinus infection that I have now. Really got me going. :tears: Poor George.


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Another sob-fest. When George confessed to his dad about lying....and then, when he rested his forehead against his father and asked him "to fight just a little harder"

Words fail. :tears:



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OMG...I just cannot imagine doing this! This makes it really hard for me because at the moment I am not speaking to my own father. Some things you wonder if they can be forgiven or when enough is just plain enough! Sometimes I can forgive rudeness, but when you keep hearing negative comments over and over, it's just too much. Ironically, difficult child keeps telling me to forgive him before it's too late and looking at George last night, perhaps that's what I was thinking about too. ~shrugs~

It was really hard to watch!

P.S. I knew Izzy would come through with the money for the young girl who needed the surgery on her spine.


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Having been reminded that this was, indeed, Grey's Anatomy night here on the site, I proceeded to plan my evening around that nine o'clock time frame.


And now, we are scheduled to go to dinner tomorrow WHEN GA IS ALSO ON.

I am thinking about rearranging the dinner date to Saturday night.

In fact, I think I will. :laugh:

How could I enjoy a television show this much, ladies?

Nomad, I am glad you enjoyed the show, too ~ I imagined that you would. I watch so little television that I cannot believe I somehow fell into watching this one at all. But from the minute I began watching that first episode, back when they were showing two hour segments and then, showing one hour again the next night?

I was hooked.

I love it.

Go ahead and give the plot away if you like, ladies.

Even if I miss it again tonite, I will catch it when they show the episodes again once this season is over.

I am really looking forward to tonite.

Maybe I will see whether the other couple would like to watch it with us. :cool:

husband would shoot me, if I did that!



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If you have any doubts about whether ending relationship with your father is the right thing to do? Then you might want to think about making contact, now. The thing with real life though, is that things often do not work out the way we had hoped.

Sometimes, the other guy is still as toxic as he ever was.

Most times, in fact.

For your own sake though, so that in the rest of your own life you will know that you did try again to establish relationship, you might want to make that first contact with your father.

There is nothing in the world that says you would ever have to speak to him or allow any further contact, if he has not changed.

Before you contact him, be resolved in your own mind that you will not tolerate toxicity in your relationships, now.

Sending strength and wishing well, BonnieJean.


saving grace

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Scent, dont you have a vcr or dvr or something that you could tape the episode on?? Oh and did you know that you can watch the episode in its entirty on the computer?? I couldnt stand missing it.



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Cheesh, you guys.

We have a VCR at home that I know how to tape a thing on?


DVD players kind of spook me. I cannot believe they can get a whole movie on a thing that doesn't even have any tape ~ let alone that I could record something on a thing that has no tape.

But I will have to check that out. :smile:

And if not?

Then I will watch it over the computer, as Saving Grace suggested.

Thank you, Grace!

So, what did George lie about, and why was he crying?

Was the child's spinal deformity corrected successfully?

And most importantly of all...did McDreamy get that little problem with his breath taken care of?

(Meredith must be an excellent actress. I am sure, quite sure, that McDreamy could NEVER have bad breath.)


Some things?

You just KNOW better than to believe. :wink:



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<font color="blue">scent of cedar, if you have a dsl or cable modem you can to to & watch it there. they even store the episodes for a few weeks if i remember correctly.

george can just rip my hard out of my chest. he's such an incredible actor.

i love merideth's sheets lol. love the color.

i hear sweeps are going to be HUGE! can't wait.

kris </font>


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We were home in time to catch the last half of the program.

I love the way George, and male decency in general, are being portrayed in this program. How long has it been since a male (or female, for that matter) who is not mean or crazy has been portrayed as a hero we can believe in? George has no super powers, no weapons, he is not a sexual powerhouse and he is as confused about everything as we all are in real life.

And yet, there is something so real about that character.

I think the intimacy displayed between Meredith and McDreamy when he smiles at her is more intense than any portrayal of physical passion could ever be ~ and it is interesting to watch McSteamy portrayed as a sexual powerhouse who really is not such a desireable person, after all.

Not, as Addison said, someone you would have a baby with.

And did I catch that right, that Bailey named her son after George?

Letting the father go did not seem sad, to me.

The family was allowed to choose, and to know what was coming.

I think that was handled well.

Izzie baking and baking, again....

I love Izzie.



(the future) MRS. GERE
Barbara, you need to track down and watch "The Bomb" episodes. It's a two parter. There are a multitude of stories running through of the stories explains Bailey's comment of her baby being named after George. I don't want to tell you any more than that. Have hankies and your heart medicine handy.



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I love Izzie too. And the marathon baking is just like something I would do!

I was so moved by the way George's father's death was handled. That was all too real! Did you notice that, in the first shows where the father was brought in to the hospital, the smart-mouthed brothers teased George and gave him such a hard time. And by the last episode, the whole family was looking to George to make the difficult decisions and relying on his judgement? I love George's character too. Despite the overabundance of awful men I have encountered, I still firmly believe there are also lots of "Georges" in this world ... good, kind, decent people who know the right thing to do and then do it!


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Suz, I think I did catch the bomb episodes. I will have to watch for those to be repeated. I must have only just begun watching when that happened.

And ok, I admit it ~ was probably so distracted by McSteamy that I could not think straight! :smile:

Donna, you are right. And that makes me remember Meredith, demanding that she be treated like a lady.

And something else that I was reading about once, where the women refused to have anything more to do with their men until whatever war it was that they were engaged in had ended.

And, the war was ended.

So maybe the message here is that we all can, and should, raise our expectations about how we should be treated, and about what we will allow in our lives.

Which brings up the ear wax plugs Meredith left for Derek ~ after snapping back at him about halitosis. How many times have we all done something like that? Snapping at someone, or becoming angry about something totally unrelated, because we are at our wit's ends trying to address some problem with ourselves?

And yet, when a solution was presented, Meredith did try it.

Something I might have been too stubborn to do.

Very nice, to think about these things with all of you.

I came on again just now to see what anyone else had seen in that episode, that I might have missed.

What about Christina? With all that had happened between George and herself, and with as cold and calculating a character as she is portrayed to be ~ and then, we learn that Christina's father died when she was nine. And that the world is never the same, when your father is not in it.



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I'm enjoying reading all your thoughts.

I heard that Burke may be fired and I still say he will go off to Africa to start a clinic. Christina will be torn whether to go with him or stay but she will end up staying back. That's why I think they are trying to expand her character.



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Oh Grace ~ thanks! That was such a sweet thing for you to offer. I will just catch up on everything as I go along, though. Even though I don't work anymore? I seem always to be busy, and trying to fit more hours into the day. It is all I can do to remember to watch on Thursday (and now, Friday too ~ hooray! :laugh:) night.

Well, that and come onto the site to talk it all over with you guys!

Nancy, you think Burke will be fired?


I hope not.

Maybe he will quit on his own. His character is portrayed as having such high ethical standards. I say he will quit of his own accord. You are probably right about Christina staying where she is, though.

I just don't see Christina traipsing off to Africa with anyone ~ even Burke.

And just as an aside? I see they finally treated a nurse like a human being on the last episode. (Remember when the nurse refused to allow Christina to withhold Burke's tray?)

Otherwise, they treat the nurses with such incredible disdain ~ even when they have the doctors performing procedures you know darn well it would usually be a nurse doing.


Wait a minute.

That IS how it is, in real life, isn't it! :tongue:



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I didn't mean fired from the hospital, I meant fired from the show. There are some who think he will be let go over the whole George incident. I don't know, all I know is that when he was interviewed recently he said he would like to see his character go to Africa and start a clinic there. It would be an easy way to write him out.