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Kris, yes I think the actress' name is Mary McCormack. She was the sister on HomeFront, right?

Barbara? You blow me away. Gosh I love reading your posts!! What a wonderful realization to come to for yourself, be Derek for someone else...

Nope, that didn't happen for me.

And? If you do happen to run across a Derek for yourself, DO TELL!!



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<span style="color: #660000">barbara, no i don't think addison is going to die. she's intregal to the stories & there has been no threat to her at all the entire arc....which doesn't mean shonda wouldn't do it to blow everyone out of the water lol. i'm talking about meridith's mother....ellis grey.

PG, i've also watched kyle chandler whenever i can find him. i loved last week when he went to his wife's office & asked to speak to the GC...didn't like the answer from her then asked to speak to his wife. still didn't like tha answer so asked, "is there anyone else i can talk to?" out of frustration. i love how he's always telling his daughter what teenage football stars are like & giving the QB such evil looks. maybe we need a thread dedicated to kyle rofl???

i think bomb guy & denny are her guides because they both had tremendous impact in her life. i also think the friction between meridith & bomb guy was due to the extremely tense situation they were in. on top of that he thought she was spoiled & she thought he was way too bossy. they grew to admire each other during the crisis tho.....she respected him. she respected denny too & izzie loves him. they've never touched on other people in her life she was close to & of course they are going to use characters for her near death experience that the viewers feel connected to.

two more days.

kris </span>