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Nichole had her psychiatrist appoint thurs afternoon.

All that morning Nichole was still hounding me over getting the puppy. (she'd already told the woman that she'd take her) I gave her the official "no".

Told psychiatrist what had been going on, how I've been seeing the mood swings and manic behavior. I explained how I didn't think it was bad yet, but I knew Nichole was headed that way and asked about a medication tweak.

The subject turned to this d amn puppy thing. (mentioned as an example of her manic behavior and the mood swings both) psychiatrist starts making a "deal" with Nichole. And I think Uh Oh. psychiatrist gets into all the care a pup requires, yadda yadda. Nichole knows all of this, we have 3 dogs already. :rolleyes: psychiatrist gets into how college will be a stressful and busy time yadda yadda. been there done that And then strikes up a bargain with Nichole. She was supposed to put off all thoughts of a pup til Sept after fall quarter starts and she sees how her full time schedule will be. Of course Nichole is super cooperative.

You don't make deals with Nichole. It doesn't work. Never has, never will. It's just yes or no, black or white. Period.

Not 5 mins out of psychiatrist's office and Nichole is begging for the puppy again. :crazy: From thurs til last night I've been refusing to argue or discuss it. The answer is still a firm NO.

I come home from clinicals today. Nichole and husband are on the front porch. I knew something was up, and guessed what it was.

Yep, guess who's here??? THE PUP! :grrr:

Nichole tried to tell the lady she wasn't allowed to have the pup. The lady told Nichole that pups in the litter that didn't find homes were being put to sleep Mon morning. The pup Nichole wanted is the only one that "found" a home. When Nichole saw the pup there was no way she could refuse. Pup is malnurished and very thin.

I made it clear this puppy isn't staying. In the meantime she is Nichole sole responsibility, she will go everywhere Nichole does. Nichole will be posting the pup on several adoption sites with some good cute pics. In the meantime Nichole will be working on housetraining and fattening her up.

Because she brought the pup home, Nichole has to clean the entire house spotless. Since the house is a disaster because I got behind with finals and now clinicals, it's going to be a particularly disgusting chore. :grin:

In the pup's defense......She's cute as a button, and one of the sweetest pups I've seen. She's a Brittany Spaniel/beagle mix (small beagle). She'll make someone a great family dog.

Doesn't take much to see why they were having so much trouble getting rid of the litter. The pup is 4 months old and hasn't been socialized hardly at all, or trained at all. So that will be another area Nichole will be working on til pup finds a home. Fortunately, we've never had trouble finding good homes.

Another plus, Nichole is in full agreement about just fostering the pup. At least til the next manic phase. :slap:


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Gosh, I am so sorry.....I know how my son is when he is manic - only for him it is computer accessories. Blah! :mad: If a psychiatrist "made a deal" with him about getting a new monitor, that would mean a certain yes to him too.

At least difficult child is open to fostering the pup - it seems that is significant progress?
(I am not one to talk - I just adopted our THIRD puppy. Good grief! I AM a glutton for punishment.) :blush:
We can only hope, that in the future, she will pick up on her manic clues, and bring them to the psychiatrist herself.

Here is hoping that our difficult child's grow up, mature, and are own their own - quickly! :smile:

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I love animals as much as Nichole does, and I can be one heck of a sucker, too. Which is why I stay the heck away from the humane society, pound, and ads in the paper.

But we already have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a bunny. Bunny is also being posted for adoption. (another pet Nichole brought home recently without permission)

Good thing.... our inside dogs have taken to the pup. Pup is still skiddish but is doing okay for small amounts of time. Our older inside dog Molly is used to animals of all varieties coming and going. But younger dog Betsy is still much a pup herself and I wasn't sure how she'd take to the addition even temporarily. But all Betsy wants is to play with the puppy.

Now what's bad is that I have to do my best cold shoulder act so I don't fall for this pup. (I have no intention of doing so) I have to put all the care ect on Nichole because if I do even a little..... wham! :hammer:


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Agggh! I made all my friends promise not to get me drunk and take me to the SPCA for my birthday... I'm worse than Nichole!
So sorry the psychiatrist didn't confer or concur with-you b4 the visit. Grrr.
At least it's a cute puppy.
Good luck!
And good luck with-your clinicals.


oh gosh difficult child II had been begging for another guinea pig prior to his hospitlization, he wants a girl so we can have babies, yeah (I don't think so), and of course we had walked into a pet store and they were giving away a female for only $20, and boy that "no" was a big melt down, difficult child II refused to leave store for an hour. Oh course mental me keeps thinking wouldn't difficult child II be happy if he came home to find I went back and got the guinea pig, I know I know, I haven't LOL


psychiatrist should know better than to tell someone in a manic cycle to just put off all thoughts of something when it's something that person is obsessing on. :rolleyes:

So, I'm guessing no medication tweak, then?


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Ugh. So sorry!!! AT least the pup is a cutie to look at...or maybe that's a bad thing? LOL

Here's to finding a good home quickly before you fall for him!

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No, psychiatrist wouldn't tweak Nichole's medications. And Nichole doesn't see her again til Sept. psychiatrist seemed to think her attempt at being therapist for the day worked. She is always hesitant to tweak Nichole's medications due to her age. psychiatrist wants to keep her on the lowest "working" doses she can since Nichole is facing a lifetime on medications. While I understand that and agree, she tends to wait til Nichole's symptoms are severe before tweaking them.

Pup slept in the crate all night without a peep. Except needed to go out to potty around 11pm. Whew. I didn't want to have to listen to a 4 mo old pup crying all night. So I'm glad the crate doesn't seem to bother her.

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Sorry the psychiatrist did the bargaining thing-you would think she would know better. :rolleyes: I hope that the puppy is adopted soon! Hugs.


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Yes - we've had a similar situation where a hospital therapist was negotiating on our daughter's behalf for a cell phone (which we had already denied) - at her current stage, she cannot handle the responsibility nor the potentially dangerous 24 hour access to some of her less than stable friends.

But the therapist saw fit to try to "override" our decision and kept insisting it would be a good way to keep tabs on her. Yikes! My daughter is a talented and very charming manipulator... it is scary to see her "snow" the professional staff at the hospital, etc. into bending the rules on her every whim.

I'm sure if she wanted a puppy, they would have been lobbying all of the therapeutic benefits and tried to insist on one!

Hopefully her new residential placement will curtail that - they utilize a positive peer culture - peer government, to positively influence the kids.