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    *low growl*

    Nichole and I got into it again tonight over the taxes. :mad: Although it didn't get as ugly as last time cuz this time she shut up when I told her to. (smart kid)

    boyfriend has been filling her head with ideas. She wants to claim Aubrey and herself and get the tax refund for the child credit thingy ect. (or boyfriend does)

    Uh, not no but H*LL NO. Sorry girlie, but husband and I are supporting both you and Aubrey. boyfriend paying a whopping 12.00 a week and periodically buying the child food and diapers is far from supporting even her. While we buy the bulk of the food, pay the house payment, electric, gas, water, phone, satellite, internet. So tell me how you're supporting yourself and Aubrey again??

    But it's my money she has the stupidity to say to me. Uh, no it's not. Did YOU pay it into the IRS? NO. You worked for a month at Mc Donalds. That money was paid in buy your Dad and me. And you nor boyfriend will be getting it. I'll be d*mned if I'm gonna have to pay the govt back for deductions we were entitled to have.:mad:

    Ya know.........boyfriend has managed only to very mildly irriatate me these last many months. Pretty good for him. But I know where Nichole is getting these ideas and it majorly PO's me. And I know it's boyfriend because she keeps pushing the issue. If it were her, especially after my initial reaction, she'd have dropped it and let it go.

    But like I told easy child tonight......let her or boyfriend try it. It'll be the fastest eviction in history. I may love this kid to pieces, but I'll be d*mned if she's gonna run up my bills sky high all year and then have the nerve to try and yank the rug out from under us come tax time.

    This may get ugly before it's settled. And Nichole may find herself homeless......or boyfriend may suddenly find himself with a girlfriend and a child he really has to support.

    Hmmmmm. I wonder how she'll fell if I tell her if she'd like to claim herself and the baby next year that she has to pay oh........about 300.00 a month rent?? As that's the going rate for furnished, utility provided aparments here.

  2. Suz

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    $300.00 a month rent for both Nichole and Aubrey is cheap, Lisa. She should be so lucky in the real world.

    Hang in there.

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    It it just amazing how our children want to be adults when it benefits them and dependents (children) when it doesn't! I understand your frustration. It sounds like Nicole is being manipulated by boyfriend. Maybe create a bill for their fair share of the years expenses. Tell them when it's paid, they can use the tax deductions. My guess is you would come out on top in the deal!
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    These kids don't have a clue as to what it takes to live on one's own totally. I told mine it takes at least $1000. per month. Mine is always asking me to foot the bill to set him up in an apartment that I pay the bills for so he can be independent.he he.
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    How many years have you gone through this?? I would think that Nichole would learn NOT to poke Mamma Bear over this.

    The laws are CLEAR about who has the legal right to claim both Nichole AND Aubrey. Very clear. She is not supporting herself and her daughter. Neither is boyfriend. So they can't claim her.

    I am sorry this keeps coming up. File your taxes ASAP because in reality the 1st one to claim gets the deduction until after they are all processed and a court can decide it - which would be VERY expensive.

    Hugs for the Mamma Bear. Sorry they are poking you.
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    I can't believe the two of them. This year is over, but if she wants to claim her for next year, she can pay you rent. I agree, starting January first.
  8. Hound dog

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    Susie the last two years boyfriend wanted to claim her. And I laughed in his face. (literally) This is his new tactic. And husband files as soon as his forms come in. He does it online and it's fast. I doubt either Nichole or the boyfriend will beat us to the punch.

    And yeah, you'd think she'd quick poking Mamma Bear when I'm the one putting a roof over her and Aubrey's head. sheesh

    Last time I attempted to explain to her that us claiming the two of them was no skin off her nose. (and it isn't) She'll still get back whatever she paid in while working at Mc Donald's. boyfriend will get back his normal return. But it will prevent husband and I from having to pay the govt because we've had to claim both Nichole and Aubrey so that husband's check is a bit larger in order to actually support them for the whole year. And when you're barely making it to begin with, every little bit becomes critical.

    I think that's what burns me up the most. She knows how tight money is around here, that making the bills and putting food on the table is a huge deal. It's not like we're going to get a whopping check to go out and spend. It only keeps husband and I from having to pay in. grrrr.

    She's dropped the issue and behaving as if we never had the spat. So I guess we'll see. Didn't please her that she asked easy child what she thought about it, and easy child told her that she agrees with me and husband.

    So I guess we'll see in the following weeks.