Guess who did a DIY nose piercing?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Yup. difficult child. This will be the Spring Break that I will never forget, no matter how much I try. She actually pierced it 10 days ago, but managed to hide it. Then made us think that it was just a stick on crystal. I am so furious. I know a nose piercing is not the end of the world. But she lied, hid it, made excuses for it and is basically untrustworthy. Her thought process was... I wanted it. Other people have it. I know you would be mad. So I did it. And... (the kicker) "I was going to tell you when we got home because I didn't want to mess up your vacation on Spring Break." We have talked several times about being 18 and on your own for piercings/tattoos. But, hey... she wanted it.

    KSM (who has a splitting headache and my neck feels like it can't hold my head up any longer.)
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    I can't even give myself shots. I guess it didn't get infected. Did you have her take it out? This "vacation" is almost over, right?
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    Oh, I am so sorry. I'm glad there's no infection ... so far.
    I share your headache. I know the feeling. I've got a chiro appointment this a.m.
    Feel better. Soak in the tub and try not to think about her for an hr ...
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    Oh my. Glad it never got infected. This is definitely a spring break you won't soon forget.
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    Onyxx did this... stuck a ring through her nose... Looked pretty dumb. She forgot to take it out one day when I picked her up. She also did "snakebites" (lower lips), belly button, hips - yes, hips. Swiped my navel jewelry because she "wanted it"... Some of that stuff had sentimental value. But anyway... I think this is one of those things they do for attention, I really do.
  7. SomewhereOutThere

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    Lots of kids do this, even PCs. Glad there's no infection :)
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    I'm sorry. How stressful knowing that the rule really is if I want it I'll do it.

    I guess that is a main characteristic of a difficult child regardless of the underlying conditions.
  9. Ugh. I know how that feels. My 16 year old (at the time) found someone to sign for him and got a tattoo. A good size one on his shoulder. Ugh!

    Glad it didn't get infected. I pierced my upper ear (through the cartilage) when I was her age and got a wicked infection.

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    Actually, Buddy, you hit the nail on the head. A difficult child will do it if he wants to do it. A easy child may too, but is much less likely to do so and cares about and accepts the consequences. Doesn't mean PCs can't be a PITA when they are teens with pouting and some risk taking, but the difference (I've raised both) is that the easy child will usually be reasonable and the difficult child isn't even thinking beyond "I want it."
    I do know PCs who pierced their own ears, etc. though :)
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    My difficult child did the same thing the other night! Ugh. I made him take it out. I think he was drinking at the time, honestly.

    *It is amazing how similar our difficult child's can be!
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    Ugh. Mine were all told at an early age that doing their own piercing or getting a tattoo before they are able to support themselves means they obviously have enough money to pay for a doctor visit (without the cushion of insurance paying part of the bill) and for testing for every known disease that can be transmitted via blood/bodily fluids to include but not limited to tetanus, HIV, hepatitis A, B and C, and any other disease the doctor can think to test for. The pediatrician we saw at the time gave a list of about ten different things and the cost of all the lab work was close to five grand. So with-o that in hand, they had better NOT come home with a piercing or tattoo. I don't really care about hair color or style or lack of. Piercings only bother me because risk of infection. tattoos? As a teen they wind up being a permanent reminder of how much you didn't know yourself, at least for what MY kds would have tattooed on themselves.

    Even Wiz still believes he would need to be tested for a lot of things if he got a tattoo or piercing. Part of it is that he doesn't want them and hates needles. The other part? He isn't sure if my mom would follow through, push me to follow through, or would see it as a sign he is ready to move out and give hm a move out date. She is afraid he won't ever move out, and he will be a senior next year. LOL. NOT my problem, and I am NOT givng her too much help because in my opinion it is not my fight. she blocked me out of these decisions for years and NOW she wants help? I don't think it works that way.

    Jess was talking about tattoos yesterday. Said she doesn't want one because each time she thinks she wants something tattooed, she has written down what it is and within two months she thnks it is the dumbest thing she ever thought of. God Bless that girl,lol!

    thank you? Not sure. He is my wild card. Common sense is sometimes operational, sometimes not in the universe he lives in, Know what I mean??

    But they are ALL still afraid of why my reaction to a tattoo or piercing would be. And honestly? As long as it isn't someone's name, esp mine, and they are adults, it isn't my problem.

    Untl they are adults? Oh heck no, at least on tattoos. mostly they worry about how I would remove a piercing. Gives evil laugh now.