Guests on Oprah yesterday


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Just thought I'd share two things I saw on Oprah that improved my attitude yesterday.

First, there was a man on that had been a major drug dealer in his youth. He was arrested by federal agents and spent 9 years in prison. While in prison, he began to read for the first time (he had never read a whole book before prison). While in prison, he learned that he was not stupid like he'd thought...that he DID have value. He read everything he could get his hands on, and started working as a cook in the kitchen. He did everything he could to prepare food the inmates would enjoy (he said food is EVERYTHING in prison). He was eventually released on parole, and is now the <u>head chef </u>at the Bellagio in Las Vegas! What a success story!!!!

Second, there was a woman who had lost both her 2-year-old son and her husband in a horrific plane crash. She was also quite badly injured. She said she was so angry at God---how could He allow both her son and husband to be taken from her and left her injured, to boot? She said that one day, she realized that she shouldn't be angry about the loss of her loved ones. She should be grateful that God had given them to her to begin with! He had given her the gift of a beautiful baby boy to enjoy for 2 years and a loving relationship with her husband. She now sees so many gifts from God every day.

There were other guests, but these are the only two I was able to watch.

I came away feeling hope for all of our difficult children and a sense of gratefulness for all the good times I have had with my difficult child. Live in the moment and savor the good times!


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I was touched by the man who went to prison, and how he came to the realization that he was smart. How no one had EVER told him in his life that he was good at something. Also, how he soaked in the praise he got for the food he made in prison and how the inmates would check to see if he was cooking the food on a particular day.

What I also impressed about how he understood that he had not only had to change on the inside, but also he had to change how he presented himself to others. That peoples perception of him, especially having been an inmate, was vital. He was also willing to start at the bottom and work his way up. He didn't expect any favors, just a chance.

Very inspiring. :bravo:


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Well, and you know what they say about none of us really understanding that everything that happens is part of a larger plan.

Remembering that comforts me, sometimes.



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I think when we read and hear those stories, it only validates the feelings and choices we make aobut our difficult child's. I mean all the crap we put ourselves through time and time again, because we hope agianst hope that we too will experience that success story with our difficult children.