Had a good visit with difficult child-A!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Aug 27, 2010.

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    difficult child-A and his girlfriend came over for a visit last night. We were having dinner at my parents house and they wanted to come over. It was a very nice time.

    difficult child-A is working full-time roofing. Plus he is finishing out the racing season with his weekend job. So he's working seven days a week. And he says he's studying for his GED.

    His girlfriend, K, is someone we've know forever. Her family goes to our church. She's a very nice, non-difficult child girl. She's a college senior and is encouraging difficult child-A to continue with his education.

    I got my fingers crossed and my hopes up a bit...just won't hold my breathe. But, maybe, just maybe, difficult child-A is turning a corner and (please, oh please, oh pleeeaaase) he may be heading towards being a easy child. (rattling beads to keep the board germlins away!)

    difficult child-A is a great kid and has always had so much potential. I've always believed that once he decides to use his stubborn streak for his good, there would be no stopping him succeed. Let's hope that this is the beginning.


    And that would just leave me with difficult child-S and difficult child-mother in law. One down, two to go. But these two, I don't think will ever change. difficult child-S is still playing tons of head games and poor husband keeps falling for them. Like last Saturday when difficult child-S stops by to visit me on my B-day. And she just forgot that I work Saturday nights. And funny, she had to leave when I called husband to say I'm on my way home. But husband bought the act hook, line and sinker. "wasn't is sweet of difficult child-S to come over to visit you for your B-day?" Duh.... men are so dense sometimes.
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    That sounds nice! As for difficult child-S and difficult child mother in law? Leave them for each other! Like they say, "trouble always keeps."
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    Glad you had a nice evening!