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    difficult child got kicked out of his 2nd daycare/preschool end of November. Just happened to be that I was out of work also...how convenient for the director. :mad: So I contacted the school district about getting him into the Pre-K program on special needs. So we went today and they observed him a bit. Apparently they have to have either a 33% deficit in one area, or a 25% deficit in 2 areas. The speech therapist said that she probably could not "fail" him on speech, because his vocabulary was on par for his age, with just a little bit of articulation issues (fish comes out as "shish", etc.) He doesn't have a learning disability, it's all behavioral (DUH!), and the child study team did not have the behavioralist there! So now they have to discuss what the next step is. ARGH...how frustrating! I'm pulling my hair out at home and not making things better for him, since I have the same personality as him.
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    Hi, sorry I'm just seeing this...
    You are going to want to send a certified letter to the director of special education in your school district requesting a full & complete evaluation. What behavior got him kicked out? It may point you in the direction of what issues he is struggling with...
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    I sent them a letter requesting an evaluation. This meeting was supposed to just be an informal observation to decide which members of the CST would do the formal evaluation. If the behavioralist was there, I'm sure he could've failed him at least 33%, but he wasn't. Now I'm waiting to hear back about what they're going to do. She said she'd try and get back to me this week, but it'll probably be after the new year. (Which, by the way, I cannot believe is only a little over a week away!!)