Had a nice phone call from difficult child's school

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  1. I received a phone call this morning from the school nurse at difficult child's middle school. They had heard that he was back at the psychiatric hospital and wanted to know what was going on and how he was doing. When difficult child had been released from the psychiatric hospital in May, I was very upfront with the 6th grade counselor and the school psychologist as well as I had submitted the written request for a IEP. Anyway, I told her that at this point they are saying that difficult child could be home around the 1st of the year. She wanted to know if when difficult child came back if I still wanted him evaluated for the IEP. I said yes, he definitely needed it. She told me to contact them when he was ready to come back. I told her as soon as I have a release date I would call and schedule a meeting with her and the 7th grade counselor so that everyone could be on the same page and be ready for difficult child.

    This is so refreshing because the school that difficult child had been in before this one, it was frustrating to even try to talk to the counselor. The response of the 6th grade counselor last year was really great, especially considering that difficult child was released from psychiatric hospital and returned to school with only 2 weeks in the school year left.

    I am so glad that we had moved last spring and he is assigned to go to this school, where we live, we end up being zoned for a school in the more "ritzy area" of town. What a difference!
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    It is so nice to hear a friendly voice when you get a call from the school isn't it? I'm glad this sounds so positive- if they are this willing and easy to work with you, it should make difficult child's transition a lot smoother.
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    Very cool! :D
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    Nice. :) It's great that they thought to check on difficult child.