had a real scare last night

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    I actually think I might have had a minor heart attack late yesterday afternoon. I had felt fine all day long and had run several errands that took me about 5 hours. When I got home I had to carry two fairly heavy bags into the house. Now they werent heavy heavy but I have a hard time carrying much. I carried in a bag with Chinese food for dinner that night that might have weighed about the same as a gallon of milk or slightly more. I also had a big bag from Family Dollar that was slightly lighter.

    As soon as I put all those things down on the counter in the kitchen I started feeling weird. Then I felt like I had pulled all the muscles across my chest and I got weak. I left everything in the kitchen and went into my bedroom and tried to crawl into my bed. I had got out a bag of peas to put on my chest. When I got into my bedroom Cory was laying in the big bed. I started sweating buckets. I was actually dripping. I asked Cory to look around the house for aspirin but he couldnt find any so I just took a lorcet. He called his father to see if he was close to home. He got home about half an hour into this episode and gave me aspirin he had bought. Eventually I started to feel better and was able to eat something and today I feel much better. I am still a bit weak and dont want to do anything.

    I refused to go to the hospital because I am afraid of that. I have always told my family that I will never go into the hospital willingly because of heart issues. I am afraid of invasive testing and I had one of those tests where they give you medication to speed your heart up and then put you in an xray type thing to watch the results. I had that back in 05 and it was awful. I wont ever go through that again. Who knows, maybe I did pull a muscle. I choose to believe that.

    *Dont tell me to go to the ER because I wont. I probably wouldnt have gone with the meningitis but I was in a coma...lol.
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    I'm glad you feel better. Although I'm not even going to TRY to talk you into the ER, since you say you won't go, I do think you need to find a good cardiologist and see if there is any damage to your heart. You want to be able to play with those adorable grandchildren many many years to come. Can't take chances with the ole ticker!!!!
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    DJ... I'm going to take the opposite approach. You're not looking for ways to "stay alive" - if you can't be "lively" and enjoying life, then what's the point. Which, I assume, is the statement you are making by not seeking help. You have a long enough list of existing problems... BUT. I also assume you have all your affairs in order.... That you have an up-to-date legal will, that somebody knows what all has to be done, including taking over the day-to-day stuff that you currently do...

    And beyond that? Do what you can to change your diet. NOW. You may be amazed how much of a difference you can make in a short time.
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    Didn't I read you have started Adderall? That is my bet. Side effect. Keep an eye out for it.
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    I know you don't like the ER. I also think you have idiots for pain docs. You NEED a good doctor and you NEED to go see him. MANY heart tests are nothing like that. I had serious heart problems while preg with thank you and saw a cardiologist who specialized in pregnant woman. Apparently that is a subspecialty with enough patients taht he made a good living at it.

    They can do other tests. Tell them that you own't do that one, but you would do others. My father in law just had several stents put in and he was home that evening. He has had heart problems off and on for years and has NEVER had the test you describe. He has had every test they offered but not that. I wouldn't want it either. But you NEED to get someone to look at you.

    Stop and think about Keyana. Do you want to see her go to middle school? How about meet her first boyfriend, see her go to her first formal dance, learn to drive a car, get married, give you a great grandchild? Stop and think about all the things you would miss with her. My gpa on my dad's side died while my mom was preg with my bro. He missed EVERYTHING like that, at least missed seeing it from this world. I miss both my grandmas very very very much. ANd my gpa. The one I did know. I treasured ALL the time I had with them. I know my kids treasure my parents.

    If you are ready, take some time and set up an audio recorder or video camera or record on your webcam and take the time to tell stories about your life, special things you remember with the kids and grands and put them onto cds. Trust me, those will be absolutely TREASURED if something happens to you. We have tapes of my great gma and my grandparents and some other elderly relatives. They are absolutely the most valued treasures we have as a family. My dad was able to take some recordings of my great gma and put them onto cd's a few years back. He looked up some cousins he had not had contact with in decades and sent them copies of the recordings. It sparked a lot of communication in the family between relatives who had not spoken in a very long time. Mostly, her grandkids (my dad's cousins) called in tears thanking him for giving them a way to introduce someone they loved very much to their children and grands.

    Mickey and Mikey are too young to remember a whole lot about you. Even Haillie won't really know you if something happens to you now. Take the time and leave messages for them. Give them at least that piece of you. I know it is hard to tolerate some of the medical koi, but sometimes it is worth what you might lose.

    One thing that could do a LOT to help you is to have them do an ultrasound of your heart. Sometimes they put some dye into an IV that they can see on the scan. It is like having an ultrasound while pregnant except you don't have to drink a lot of water and the gel is on your boobs and not your belly. They can also do an MRI or cat scan of your upper body and head to check for damage, aneurysms and other things. Those tests would tell them a LOT and if they can do them, they are painless. Esp with the upright MRI you found when you needed your back checked out.

    PLEASE at least ask your reg family doctor to check you out. I would refuse that test also. I refuse to have the EMG test again. It is where they stick you with needles to see what you nerves do to check how they are working. It is done for carpal tunnel and other things. I had awful problems and it was excrutiating. I swear the docs just wanted to see how much they could hurt me and how bad they could bruise me. I had a cop stop and ask me who had beaten me up so badly a few days after the first one. I was walking out of the bank I worked at and the cop who was in that area regularly stopped me and insisted to know who did it and did I get medical care, etc... It truly was that bad. So I understand. But ask them to do what they can other than that test. And not the ER. Go to a cardiologist or at least your regular family doctor.

    I am glad you didn't get worse than what you endured.
  6. Hound dog

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    Janet, hon, I'm going to be a sarcastic *itch simply because I love and care about you.

    You obviously did not get "quite a scare" or you'd have already been in the ER.

    I understand how you feel about that particular test, yup, certainly do........which is why I refused it and did my best on a reg stress test instead even though I felt like I had been run over by a truck. (and we both know I really do know what THAT feels like ;) ) You can refuse any test you don't want. Believe it or not, you're in charge of your medical treatment / tests not your doctor. It's your right as the patient to refuse. There are plenty of other tests they can do that are not that uncomfortable.

    When I had my heart attack I went to the ER for pain relief.......trust me, I could've cared less what they did to me as long as they made that horrid unbearable pain go away. (and I have an exceptionally high pain tolerance)

    What finally convinced Fred to go was that horrendous pain......same reason......pain relief.

    It's possible what you experienced was a side effect of a medication or combination of medications. Also just as possible it was a mild heart incident and or a heart attack. You take a LOT of medications and that takes it's toll on your vital organs over time. You have other serious issues going on. It needs to be checked.

    But to say you won't go because a single test made you feel horrid or test scare you.......just silly. Docs can deal with the anxiety and just order different test. I can understand the fear of knowing you have heart issues........but if caught before significant damage results most are fairly simple to treat.

    Now if your quality of life has become so horribly poor you're ready to check out, then that is your decision to make. But I don't think you're there yet. Not in any real sense.

    I'd go in to be checked based on the assumption it was either a medication reaction or medication / medication combo side effect and start from there. I'm not sure but I think you've waited too long for anything to show up in the blood test......unless another one is on the horizon.

    I think it's time to try to eat healthier, nothing drastic......just gradually add in some better choices with good normal portions, reduce snacks and make them healthier choices....make sweets a real treat by having them less and less often. Try to move around more, even when sitting....move your legs, feet, arms hands.......you'd be surprised at just how much that alone would help as for exercise until maybe you can work up to moving around the room more without getting worn out or increasing pain levels. Baby steps help. Maybe start hunting for a better pain doctor......as this one certainly does not seem to be managing your pain well at all. mother in law was in excruciating pain and they managed to get it down to a comfortable level (in comparison) so she could move around more. She wasn't going to walk a marathon, but moving some was far better than not moving basically at all.

    Time to stop worrying so much about everyone else and take care of Janet until you're in better shape and feel better.

  7. witzend

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    Janet, you're a big girl, and you do get to choose what you want to do about this. Others might have done something different, but you made the choice you made last night. Lisa is correct about the pain. When it is bad enough, you will go to the ER and do whatever they want you to do to make it better. I do think that this is something that you should not ignore.

    You don't have any aspirin in the house? Today someone needs to go buy a bottle of baby aspirin, and you need to start taking one a day. If you're not on daily multivitamins you should take that too, and if your diet is like everyone else's in NC, you need to start taking a fiber supplement. All of these things you can buy as generic in large quantities. If nothing else, do the baby aspirin. Get the coated kind, and if you have chest pain again take one and chew it. I buy a bottle of 200 for about $3. People our age should at least have baby aspirin in the house.
  8. DammitJanet

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    I know I know I know. My family is hoping I pass out so they can take me to the hospital and I cant complain. I am a complete wuss about invasive testing. I am scared to death about that one where they thread a catheter up through your groin. I understand they can now do it through an artery in your arm but that has to be so incredibly painful. I have had to have my arterial gas drawn out of my wrist and I thought they were sticking hot pokers in me...and that was when I was so stupid I couldnt even complain.

    I do know what pain is like. I think one of my major issues is I never want to go through what I went through before. Just the thought is awful. Its why I wont allow them to replace my knees. My head knows the rehab isnt the same but I cant get past that block. Heck, I still need to get my last 4 teeth pulled so I can get dentures. I am just at my wits end with going to doctors. They are trying to get me to go see a gyn because I havent seen one since my hysterectomy and I have never had a mammo. Oh cancer is another thing I wont treat. Its these two issues and their treatments that terrify me. I can take having large needles stuck into my knees but I am afraid of a mammo. I realize it makes no sense.

    I can probably get my doctor to order an EKG which should show if there was any damage. I had an EKG done years ago and they told me that I had had a minor heart attack at some point in time. I have no idea when that could have been unless it was when everything hurt so bad that I wouldnt notice it. When I was in for chest pain in 05 they said my heart was fine. They said some sort of arthritis of the ribs but I dont buy that one.

    I am feeling much better except for my usual pain.

    As far as medications, well that could be it with the adderall I guess. I did go off the topamax to go on the adderall. I have been trying to get my doctors to reduce my medications but they all say I need everything they are giving me. Maybe it isnt good that my diet right now consists of those steamed dumplings from the Chinese restaurant and a box of whoppers. I just dont want to eat anything else and most things are hard to chew at this point.

    As we all know, I will put myself last now because I am trying to get Cory tended to. Now part of that is good because we are going together on Monday to see our GP. I also have no choice but to get in to see my ortho because I need the paper signed for the handicapped plate. The place I bought my car cant send in for my title and plates without that paper. I thought I could just transfer the plates but they go dead at the end of this month and no one thinks I will get the title in time so I need new plates. Sigh. At least I will get something done for my knees and my lower back too. Getting two things done at once is good.

    As far as me actually moving, we have discovered I move more than I thought I did. Billy has a pedometer on his phone and he put one on mine the other day. I actually took over 5000 steps the other day. Ordinary days average 3-4 thousand. I would have never dreamed I moved that much.

    Also dont tell anyone but I would have less stress at home if the mouse wasnt here everyday. Not that she isnt adorable but she will be two next month and she is a whole lot like her daddy. She is constantly into everything and its like a tornado exploded in my house every day. I think Im too tired for toddlers anymore. Or I dont have the patience.
  9. witzend

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    Who told you that? Not only do they numb you, they give you some of the best drugs you've ever had in your life. It feels a bit like you have wet the bed, but you know it's coming so no big deal. Then it feels warm inside your body. Pain? If you're having a heart attack or have had one, you'll be glad for the way those drugs make you feel.

    You'd be right about it making no sense. Do you realize how incredibly painful it is to die of cancer without treatment? I doubt that you could feel much worse from cancer treatment than you do now. Mammograms and pelvics are a snitch, but weren't you having difficulty with bladder control? They could probably take care of that in a week if you'd see the doctor but they'd make you do a pelvic exam. It's much less bothersome than wetting yourself.

    That's a very good start. You also need to suck it up and see the dentist. Nobody likes it, but face it. If all you are eating is steamed dumplings and burgers you might as well be starving yourself. All the more reason for Vitamins and Fiber tabs or whatever form suits your needs. You could sprinkle that fiber stuff that dissolves into your soda.

    I know I can say this because everyone thinks I'm pushy and rude anyway, so it's not like it's going to ruin me, and I know that you and I are friends and friends tell each other the truth - You're acting like a difficult child. I suspect that you are clinically depressed (understatement ;) ) and you think you can control all of this and it's all going to work out. Well, it's not. You're going to die from it. If you don't do anything about it you're going to die a lot sooner from it. Who will the mouse have then?
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Ditto Witz on the dentist and heart procedures, she's right.

    As for the cancer? Uh, no. I refuse to be treated as well. I have good sound reasons that have nothing to do with your reasons but the result is the same. I've not learned anything in the past 30 some years to change my mind. There are many in the medical community that share my opinion for the same reasons. I'll just leave it at that. My kids know and agree, that is all that matters. They have different opinions due to having children to raise.....but even they have limits.

    I've had 2 paps in my life and never had a mammogram. I have no intention of changing that. A risk I'm willing to take as there would be no treatment anyway.

    Teeth or not, you can eat better than chinese dumplings and whoppers. I managed a well rounded diet without dentures while waiting on the gums to heal/get ready to be fitted properly.......and then of course while I was getting used to them. If it isn't crunchy, you ought to be able to manage it by now. I'm not picking on you, I've been giving the same lecture to Katie's biomom. There are a wide variety of canned soups that are basically a full meal in a can. There are a variety of home made soups / stews you can fix up yourself. There is an immense menu of home cooked meals you can manage to eat, most especially if you're managing an unhealthy whopper. Fresh fruit/veggies aren't going to happen for a long while...........as I said before buy the v8 fusion and drink 2 glasses a day, you'll have to requirements met and get the fiber benefit.

    I am thrilled you are moving more than you thought you were, that is wonderful. :) But do what I said when sitting or laying in bed when awake. If you don't use it, you lose it......then it is 100 times harder to regain it if you can later.

    And I know a certain little munchkin is tiring you out but I bet she's got you moving more than you have in quite a while.......and that is just what you need, motivation to move. lol

    medication wise, yup you likely need most of them or you wouldn't be taking them. But I'm betting a good doctor could get the same benefit out of different amts or different combo that doesn't require so much. As far as pain management......I don't think you're getting anywhere near the proper management regardless of what that doctor says. I know what mother in law took.....on top of the very high potent dose of pain medication she wore in a patch on her skin.

    If you can manage to reduce your weight, not get skinny per se, but a significant reduction........your pain levels will go down as well as your overall feeling cruddy. Your energy levels will also rise.

    I've shed at least 50 lbs. I can now do things I've not done in YEARS because it used to leave me gasping for breath and feeling like I'm going to collapse. I feel better overall in so many ways and my quality of life dramatically increased. I still have the kidney issues and they're not going to go away.......but that quality of life thing is so worth it. I started moving and kept moving and now I'm to the point where I can hardly sit still again (adhd kicking back in or I've just resumed my normal active self?) Even when sitting still, I'm usually still moving in some way. I didn't care about being skinny....I just got tired of being sick and tired. Know what I mean?? I've not dramatically changed my diet.....actually I've not really changed it at all except more home grown stuff.....and portion sizes went down. More I moved the less I munched out of sheer boredom. (never realized I tended to do that until recently)

    That excess weight is taking a major toll on your joints and your body. The less weight, even if you never get near your BMI, the less toll it takes.

    I know you enjoy those 2 little girls. I know you want to enjoy them for many years to come. I've no doubt in my mind they enjoy you and want/need you in their lives for quite a long while yet.
  11. svengandhi

    svengandhi Well-Known Member

    I won't add to what the others have said about your lifestyle because I'm not close enough to you. However, I will say that a couple of years ago, I had the most awful chest pains while at court. I called H and glommed an aspirin from a court officer, telling him I had a headache. He came and got me and took me to the hospital. After 4 days of testing, including the femoral artery test (which they do give loads of drugs for), it turned out that my heart was fine, but I had GERD. I decided a year later to get lapband surgery and during that procedure, the surgeon found I had a hiatal hernia and fixed that up, too. Since then, I have not had one episode of chest pain or heartburn. Maybe you had a GERD episode.

    I will tell you that my mother in law fought knee replacement surgery but finally had to do it. She told me later she wished she'd listened to me and had it done years earlier. For the dentist, consider iv sedation so you'll be asleep. Again, my mother in law is so much happier with her new dentures.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.
  12. SomewhereOutThere

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    Wow. This is interesting. I'm the type that not only has to work out almost daily and eat healthy, but am very careful about having all the recommended treatments done so that I can live long enough to see my grandson get married and dance at his wedding. There is nothing I won't have done if it will make me well. I'm in awe of you guys...lol. I know many people who didn't die of cancer after treatment and have been cancer free for twenty or more years. I can't imagine not having treatment for ANY reason.

    And mammos? Big nothing. I had one at 46 that showed a stage 0 cancer that was caught so early it was barely an issue. I'm glad they found it. I'm glad I had it done. It made a potential big deal into a nothing. I'm sixty now and going strong. Hey...I could get sick tomorrow. Anyone can. But I'm trying to maximize my chances for a quality life while I am here. So far, even though I have definite mental health issues, my physical health is good for my age and I have no aches and pains like most almost sixty year olds (at least not at the moment). I think it's all the exercise I do and the preventative healthcare.

    Why would anyone want to feel sick if there is a chance of feeling better? Or taking off early a few years if there are precious grandchildren you want to know for as long as you can?

    Heck, my 89 year old dad is still dancing and dating...lol. He's a grump, a narcisist, and has his own other mental health issues, but he can still drive and get around on his own (not that I'd choose to drive with him!!!).

    Janet, all of us love you (even me, even if we often disagree) and we want you around. You too, Witz. You too, DDD.

    And, guess what? I think EVERYONE here agrees with me!!!! :) Hey, I am not putting you guys down. I just want you all as healthy as possible! I guess I'm being selfish.
  13. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    DJ, my dear. In case somebody forgot to tell you: STRESS doesn't kill you. It's the KIND of stress, and your REACTION to it, that is important.

    One of the most stressful events in life is getting married... but it doesn't kill most people.
    There's "good stress" and "bad stress"... and even bad stress can be mitigated.

    Having mouse around... is stress of some sort, sure. But you choose what it does to you.
  14. DammitJanet

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    mwm, you said something in your post about quality of life. I dont exactly have much quality of life right now. The only fun thing I do every week is take monkey to gymnastics. Other than that Im completely isolated. The boys may talk to me for 30 minutes or so a day and I get less than that out of hubby. Well I get more out of hubby if something of his is missing and he has a temper tantrum until we find it.

    As far as the cancer, I have seen two people die from it and I truly think they would have a better quality of life if they hadnt had the treatments. Im really doing well if I can manage all the doctor's I have now. I did figure out what my bladder issues were...a combo of medications that doctor's should have known not to give me at the same time.

    Oh when I said whoppers I didnt mean the hamburger, I meant the candy. I can suck on them until they get soft. I know I need to do the teeth. I just have to work in the time. I will have to do it maybe on a Wednesday or Thursday after I take Monkey to gymnastics on Tuesday and it will have to be on a weekend we dont have her. Then I have the issue of who will drive me home if I get gas. I never know Geeks schedule much ahead of time and if hubby has to take me that means an entire crew cant go to work that day. He is the only one with a drivers license on the van. I might just have to do it without gas.

    Im really glad for you mwm that you can do all those things. I cant. I have thought of trying the lap band surgery but I have read the requirements and I dont think my doctor's keep good enough records to satisfy what is needed. Oh I do have GERD and ulcers. We found that out last summer. I take prilosec every day for that.

    This episode may have been GERD because I drank a big swallow of Mylanta when Tony finally got home and found it for me. Everything eased off then but then I got very cold.
  15. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Janet, I know you can't do all those things, just like I can't get a normal job and keep it. But I just would like you to take the best care of yourself that you can. If you think you may have a heart attack, that's nothing to ignore! Those boys of yours and your grandchildren will miss you terribly if you're not around. I'm sad that you can't get out more. And by that I mean get together with other grandparents and do playdates...I wish I had a grandchild who lived near me.

    I saw my best friend die of cancer. It took ten years. She had some good years in between the bad. At the very end, she did not feel good at all, but, if I could ask her now, I still think she'd say she was happy she had those ten years so that she could at least see her youngest child grow up and go to her son's wedding.

    I wish I lived closer. I would visit you. You may throw me out...lol...we are very different, but I'd try :) I think you have a very kind soul and that to me is t he most important quality.
  16. lovemysons

    lovemysons Well-Known Member

    Thinking of you Janet.
    I sure hope nothing serious is going on cause we want you around for a long Long time!

    You be good to you,
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    YA KNOW..............I only got to.......I think I may have had a "minor" heart attack last night.......and HONESTLY......I could have WRITTEN the rest of the junk under that big old long post.......( I didn't go to the hospital.....I'm scared) blah blah blah.......and then......this one time .........at band camp. Cheese and crackers woman. We have never bought the Cadillac.......we've never gone to the bar......we've never given the guys the money......and I've never shot a cowboy in a parking lot (although I promise I won't miss and .......) ........and there is no such thing as a minor heart attack.

    What does Mstang say.........OH Get thee to the ER..........
    What does Star say ..........CAN"T PRINT THAT........

    GO HAVE AN EKG run..........and whatever (where is hound........hound????? Hound?????????? what does she need done? BESIDES A SPANKING SHE WILL NOT LIKE?????? )

    Holy red waters of DENAIL woman.........I want my road trip.......(sounds selfish ) but You said somewhere you got a new car?????? I'm gutting it.......cutting the top off.........and if I have to drive the SOB over a ditch by my onesises and cry to you .......without you being there I'm going to be very angry........may even turn green. (Not going over a cliff) Just a ditch.....so it can be towed out and stuff. Tony will probably want it back to tow the boat or some****thing.

    Let me know which hospital you go to. (twists lips) I LOVE YOU THELMA.........
  18. Liahona

    Liahona Guest

    I can't add anything but my support for you. I hope you take care of yourself and are feeling better.
  19. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I went to doctor yesterday. Had the EKG run, doctor tried to convince me to go do another stress test but not too hard because he knows me. EKG looked okay but then he said that would just prove I wasnt having a heart attack and they cant find one in any records to compare it to to see if it has changed. Thats because the idiots didnt contact my family doctor when I had the meningitis. Im pretty darned sure they ran EKG's on me while in a coma.

    Most likely it was GERD so they are increasing medications for that.