Had emergency surgery early Monday morning!

Hi family,

Last Sunday morning (the 11th) I took a bath and could not get out of the tub. husband was home, thank God and helped me get out. I could not walk. The day went on and I regained a tiny bit of mobility but could not urinate, at all!! So, by late afternoon, he took me to the ER. Waiting like 4 hours to see a doctor, once they got me back there, things started happening so fast I kinda am blurry with the details.

Took an Emergency MRI, CT, Xrays, tons of blood work and STILL not able to urinate, urologist did some sort of probbing test and found I had no bladder sensation at all.

That pretty much sealed the surgery in a giant hurry. I don't remember what the syndrome is called, but it is pretty dangerous to not take care of immediately.

The surgery ended up being a lot more involved than first planned, they only did a micro diskectomy at the same level (l4-5) that I had 13 years ago, but this time there was definite spinal stenosis, major degeration and arthritis and spurring and other things I just can't remember at this time.

Then, the next day I had some complications of a major medication reaction with hallucinations and psychotic thinking. It was just horrid! Boy do I sympathyze with Aly and all our kidlets who have psychotic breaks! Was the scariest thing that I have ever gone through. About 24 hours of thinking many people were out to get me and much more yuck! They later discovered it must have been the Morphine they were giving me because I could get no relief from the pain. doctor feels my body "stored" it for a while and then it hit me in one swell foop.

Had to keep the foley cath in till yesterday, since I still wasn't having the bladder sensations I was supposed to be having. But low and behold, they took the foley out and about 2 hours later, I was able to go on my own! I shocked them all. They were all ready to send me to a rehab hospital to learn self catherization. Urologist was shocked that it started working so well with most likely not the long term issues they were thinking it would be.

Anyways, they wanted to send me to a PT rehab facility, but my wonderful (NOT!!!) insurance denied it since I was able to hobble with walker to the bathroom with minimal assistance. I still cannot walk for more than a few steps, and sitting here is killing me. But, I am home and I know the in home nursing (starting tomorrow) will help as will in home PT and Occupational Therapist (OT).

I will check in periodically, once my husband hooks me up to my laptop in my room.

Thanks for listening, and some prayers would be appreciated!



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Oh, wow, Vicki, I'm so sorry.

Sending positive vibes and thoughts your way. I was thinking about you the other day, hadn't seen you. What a nightmare.

Keep us posted as to how you're feeling. I hope the kids are being gentle to you, my friend.



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What a horrible experience. I hope your recovery goes smoothly. It sounds as if you have it all set up, with PT and Occupational Therapist (OT) and in-home nursing.

I hope you feel better very soon.

Love, Esther


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OMG Vicki, how scary! I'm so glad you will have help at home and nursing care. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Please take good care of yourself and keep us updated about how you're doing when you can. Sending lots of (((hugs))).
What a horrible thing to have happened to you!!! I'm so sorry you have to go through this!!! I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and praying you feel better with every passing day... Hugs WFEN


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YIKES! How awful and scary!
That does happen with back problems, sometimes, happened to my husband, too----same thing, he got stuck in tub, too...and gosh it was horrile! You musta been scared silly!- the morphine reaction also happens to my husband..... are you and my husband siblings or sosmething? LOL. How creepy that musta felt especially on top of everything else!
Wishing you feeling etter very soon! That really is awful.


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I'm so sorry. I wish that my Home care territory went that far. If I can help with any questions please send me a message.
Hope you recovery quickly and completely.


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Wow, Vickie, how scary! Glad you got through the surgery, though the medication reaction sounds very scary!

Good luck with the PT and recuperation.

Sending hugs and prayers for a smooth recovery,


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I have been thinking of you but was awayf rom the board for a couple of days. WI am glad they were able to help you, and that you are getting better. As always, I am amazed at your positive outlook.

Hugs and prayers,



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<span style="color: #660000">oh, vicki, it sounds absolutely aweful. i'm so glad to hear that you're on the mend. are you getting a home health aid as well? she would be able to do cleaning, laundry, some cooking, etc. help with-self care as well.

will rattle some beads for a quick recovery.

kris </span>


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Sorry to hear that you have had a bad time of it. Hope recovery is quick. Who is caring for the children? I can't imaging a 9yr old difficult child and a 3yr old will allow you must rest. Take care. Hope you recover quickly.


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Sorry to hear that you have had a bad time of it. Hope recovery is quick. Who is caring for the children? I can't imaging a 9yr old difficult child and a 3yr old will allow you must rest. Take care. Hope you recover quickly.


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Hey Vickie,

Sounds like a horrendous week :smile:. I hope each day shows more promise.