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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, May 2, 2009.

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    difficult child yesterday! It was one of those days I wanted to leave and be gone for a very long time.

    We came home from school and I began cleaning the kitchen because our niece was coming for a visit. (Actually I asked him first if he wanted to play some Wii together but he said no so I started cleaning) After he made a HUGE mess pouring a bowl of cereal and was done eating it I apparently had the nerve to expect him to put a bowl in the dishwasher. First he complained that the stuff in there was clean. Nope I had emptied it. He opened it and there were a few dishes in there so he "couldn't" put it in there. I explained he could and he started screaming at me some very rude comments. I told him he would need to do some writing before he could go back to watching his dvd.

    This infuriated him and he started to try and shove me around so I turned his dvd off because he was now on stop the world. This infuriated him and he tried to jump on top of me but I was able to move and he missed.

    I tried to get back to finishing the dishes and husband came home. difficult child was still very angry and he came and shoved me hard against the sink. This meant he would be at stop the world today as well.

    I left to go visit my student in the psychiatric hospital. Came back and started to relax as difficult child was in his room. My niece came over with two of her dogs and difficult child came down (not a problem) but then he started trying to watch tv so we sent him back upstairs where I found him in my room watching tv:ashamed:

    He came back downstairs and wouldn't follow any directions and since my niece was here I'm guessing husband didn't want to have a scene with difficult child exploding so although he told him not to do what I was telling him not to do he wasn't doing a lot to help difficult child stop (I don't really blame him as who wants a scene when you have company). I finally said I couldn't be around him anymore tonight and went upstairs to watch tv.

    After difficult child fell asleep husband came and got me and we relaxed a bit. However, by that time I was exhausted and ended up going to bed early while niece was still here.

    Sorry this turned out so long and if you made it this far thanks! It's just been a long time since he had been violent and this was so frustrating. Today should be fun since we will have to keep him from doing anything with electronics today and he really isn't supposed to be playing games with us because he is at stop the world still. Grrr!
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    Sharon, boy, that reminds me of the "old days" with-my difficult child! OMG, I feel for you.
    It is so hard.
  3. tiredmommy

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    {{{Hugs}}} I hope you make it through today with no more outbursts!
  4. luvki

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    My goodness! Thinking of you as you take each minute through this day. So much of what I experienced earlier this week with my 12 difficult children.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sorry it was such a rough evening yeserday :(

    Why do you think he was so easily triggered that day?
  6. ML

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    Sounds like one of our meltdowny kind of days where manster is oversensitive to anything I say. This tends to happen more when he is getting sick or is tired. I know how exhausting it is. Sending you hugs and wishes for an easier day today. ML
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    Sure isn't the life you thought it would be, is it?. I hope he slept in and woke in a nice cooperative mood today. Sorry your visit was messed with, does your niece understand him?

    It isn't too much to ask for an occasional "normal" time. It's just hard to get it.
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  8. Wiped Out

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    Thanks everyone. Today was better in that there was no violence but his mood as been awful. Maybe he's tired as it isn't even 7:00 yet and he is sleeping. I'm really not sure why he was so easily triggered, he has seemed on the edge lately. Luckily my niece does understand him so she didn't seemed phased. She even told him he shouldn't complain that she couldn't hang out with him because he knew she was coming and he still got stop the world.

    I'm hoping he sleeps through the night. Yesterday and today are definitely I love him days but I don't like his actions days.