Hair and make up and your clothes style fun thread!!


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I have found that Loft has a lot of sales so I put them in my online cart and wait for the sale. Sometimes I lose out but more often than not I get 30% or 40% off. You can return them right at the store also. I have had really good luck with their tops. Not sure pants size so would need to go in and try them on so I can order them. I like to order pants from Express and they fit well and are good quality.

I actually saw a news story about this - keeping stuff in cart and then out of the blue it's on sale!

I really need to purge clothes before we move. Why pay to move stuff I can't/won't wear.

I put things into my cart, also, to wait for the sale. It always happens. When my daughter was younger, I shopped at Gymboree a lot. They have the mix-and-match collections which were so cute! I would usually buy the season’s clearance items for the next year for her. I so miss that! Her clothes are cute now, but those little girl clothes are adorable.

If you donate to charitable organizations recognized by the government, remember to write them off on your taxes. I always itemize, and always donate unwanted clothes. The tax savings are great!


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You all sound comfy yet stylish!!!

My hair- won't go there!
Clothes...comfortable lil baggy the sweats..flops.. and leggings nice long lil baggy shirt and slip on shoes..


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Dude, like you, I love all these cosy clothes. It's all about how comfortable and warm it is to be in. When I choose such garments, I always try to pay attention to the fabrics.


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Hi Salvin…welcome! Just curious, how did you find this site? Do you have a child with special needs?

I myself have a variety of clothes. Casual, cozy etc. I kind of like jeans as I although usually more causal, you can dress them up too.