Happy Father's Day

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by LucyJ, Jun 15, 2014.

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    Four of us visited my son at the farm squat today - his suggestion - two of the girls, me and H. We went prepared with wellies (maybe you call those gumboots), hand gel sanitiser and picnic food. We had a nice day! We went for a long walk, around the squat, to his treehouse, through some very muddy fields. We met some of the other eco-warriors camped there. I had a new experience of urinating in a bush (yuk). We took some musical instruments too and it was a sunny day so we could sit on the grass and make music and eat and chat. I'm so happy that we had a nice day and that my son could spend some time with 2 of his sisters as well as us. I'm so glad that H has seen where and how he lives too, so that at least he doesn't have to imagine it when I tell him about my visits. I feel peaceful.

    Happy Father's Day to you all.
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    Lucy, what a great post. Thank you for describing what it was like. You entered your son's world, and did so successfully.

    I call that radical acceptance.

    You're my heroine! Happy Father's Day back and to all. :bravo:
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    Lucy, that sounds like such a nice day! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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    Thanks Lucy, I am happy you had a wonderful day with your family.