Happy freakin' Mother's Day.

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by nerfherder, May 12, 2013.

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    While I was on a run to the hardware store yesterday afternoon (nearest big store is 30 miles away) Kiddo took advantage of RN getting the 2 year old down for a nap, grabbed the freezer key (Chest freezer is our big Kiddo-proof food safe) and stole and ate 3/4 pound of candied orange peel after lunch.

    When I sent her to bed without supper (I only found it because she'd hidden the bags in the same place she always hides them) she had a tantrum and broke a window. Because she is not bad, doesn't steal and besides won't do it anymore and how can I be so mean? I ruined her life. It's all Blacksmith's fault. She's leaving and never coming back. All the teenagers want candy. She's not going to sleep until she has supper. She wants all the meat and all the fruit and all the dried fruit and all the dairy, wheat, gluten, and she wants to live in an orchard. She wants to be a cook and work in a bakery and make all the foods. She doesn't care about being good or sheriffs or jail. Goku will save her! Yadda yadda yadda. Just like a 3 year old.

    But - I had plenty to keep myself busy after dark. Blacksmith and RN gave me an Asus Android tablet with docking keyboard for Mother's Day. (He was upgrading, but whenever he passes on computer hardware you can't tell it was ever used, he's that good.)

    Still didn't sleep well. I swear I felt hungover even though I didn't even have my occasional bit of schnapps before bed. And I feel sore, like I worked hard - oh I did, picked up close to $300 worth of lumber for building a bunny barn today. But it feels more like beating myself to sleep kind of sore. Now I want to dig and level the cinderblocks for the base lumber, the ground's kind of lumpy and packed there. Kiddo (who also has a cold but not feverish, and I'm sure this is part of her behavior this weekend but refuses to admit to anything because she's afraid I'll make her stay home from school tomorrow) gets to muck out the goat pen (which isn't a nasty job, goats are very neat and tidy that way.)
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    Candied orange peel?? :surprise:

    As someone who has been obsessed with food all my life, that's a new one on me.

    I know our difficult children can go on a tear at anytime, but mine always seem to manage one around, or on, Mother's Day. Son, Ugh!! My brother is visiting and over dinner Son decides this is the time to pick a fight with me about going to the psychiatrist. Thing is, he goes on and on and on! I calmly told him I would discuss it with him once we got home, and not during a lovely dinner his grandmother had prepared. This was Friday. Then, last night he starts in on me about my hair. Yes, my hair. I got it done yesterday and apparently my hairdresser did not meet HIS standards. Again, going on and on and on and claims he's "trying to help you". My mother threatens to ask him to leave if he doesn't be quiet. My brother has an adult daughter with autism that lives at home, so he's very understanding of the behavior. But, it's EVERY time we get together with family. I can't put my finger on what makes him go off like that.

    Then, late last night, husband is working out of town, and Son is talking on the phone with him. They get into a argument. Son is insulting husband and being a major PITA. husband makes the mistake of engaging it. Son gets off the phone and proceeds to unload on me. "You need to divorce him, you deserve better!" I finally tell him to go into his room and shut the door. Of course, he slams it and I'm left with a "WTH just happened?"

    This morning, Daughter is at work, Son is sleeping, and it's quiet. I'll take it.

    Wishing you a peaceful Mother's Day, Nerfherder!
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    You're nicer than me, I'd have chosen a particularly nasty icky job for her to do. LOL (((hugs))) Wish your day could've been difficult child drama free.
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    I'm sorry it was rough for both you and dazed.