An update after a while...


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Hi, everybody!

Guess what?

Kiddo's placement funding was approved.

She moves into the women's group home on November 1st.

EVEN THOUGH funding was frozen for the year (I was told this repeatedly and to expect nothing for quite a while) for some reason they even moved the three women into a larger house, so there would be room for a 4th. And the funding was approved. Did I mention the funding was approved? :)

They have good emergency/evac protocol (and keep 5 days worth of water and MREs in their emergency store), and Kiddo won't be the only pilferer in the household. We discussed the need to secure the pantry (which would have to be cleared with their Human Rights Commission) but they really liked the idea of the same kind of keypad alarm for the pantry that I use on her bedroom door - she can't sneak out, the alarm goes off if it's set - but in case of emergency she can get out. This doesn't keep other residents out of the pantry (oh, and she absolutely won't be the only one with food control issues) but it lets any staffer who might be in another room, or in the bathroom, know that someone just went in there.

No cookies, cakes or candy in the pantry - they said that's all for special occasions and most of the time out of the house-type special. It is pretty ramen-heavy, but a lot of their food is fresh-made by the residents with staff-assistance.

The details are kind of interesting. Given her need for a special diet, they actually have to get a Human Rights Waiver from the commission until I have her doctor sign off on a note stating what she can eat, and why she can't eat what she can't. And they are a known factor for both the local police and the sheriff's department, I asked - how are shoplifting/pilfering incidents handled? Generally, I was told, the resident is taken back to the store and told to return the object to the returns desk. As a rule it's small-ticket items, which keeps any harsher interventions out of the game.

This is just fantastic. In two weeks I can stop having stress about the root cellar, the orchard, the berry patch in summer, the heater/electric bill in winter... I can actually go out. In the evening. If I want to. Do a road trip all by myself (Blacksmith suggested I do that soon as I can have a free day.) Get my firearms out of locked storage, and do trips to the shooting range. Maybe even get my CCW, so I can feel a little more at ease doing those solo road trips along the Loneliest Road In America.

Dang. How sweet is that?


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Way to go, warrior mom. You hung in there, kept up the fight and... you both win. Sorry it has to be all uphill. Glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.