Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

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    :beautifulthing: Good Morning on a Free Choice Friday!

    Up early to day for water fitness class at 6 with easy child. A quick run to the grocer on the way home to pick up some fresh chicken for bbq tomorrow and then back home for work upstairs. I'm still in the process of redoing since easy child moved out.

    Today is all about difficult child's new bathroom. He chose purple, his favorite color, as the main ingrediant in the bathroom he will be moving into (easy child's old bathoom)! I searched the world over for a purple flower curtain WITHOUT flowers!!!!!!!

    My cousin and I are heading out to a large farmers market about 20 minutes from the city this afternoon. difficult child and I have discussed pizza and a movie tonight.

    I hope your Friday is a good one :dance:

  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sharon, full size flat bed sheets make wonderful shower curtains! You just shorten it a bit, and then attach it to clip rings... or if you really want to get fancy, sew some button holes and you can use regular shower rings. I made one for easy child/difficult child 2's bathroom out of a striped sheet and added some contrasting grosgrain ribbon at the top and bottom. Very custom look for very little dough. SO if you can't find a purple flowerless shower curtain, try a purple flat sheet -- should be pretty easy to locate.

    Enjoy your water workout! The BBQ sounds yummy :) You've got a busy, fun, productive day ahead of you!

    I have still not gone to bed... I got started reading Twilight last week and finished it tonight, then started New Moon and haven't been able to put it down. I'm more than 3/4 done, so I'm sure I'll finish it if I've got any down time later today.

    Today is our no-sports-practice day. I'm not sure what we're doing yet! With husband around all day, every day, I tend to play things by ear a lot. Lately he's just trying to get odd jobs done around the house and I'm trying to cull the kids clothes and toys for selling on eBay and donating to neighbors and Goodwill/Salvation Army. Having difficult child's to deal with and all the health issues the last few years has put me waaaaaaay behind in my organization. So it's a daily thing.

    Hope everyone has a great Friday!
  3. Fran

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    Good morning kids. HFCF to everyone.
    Sharon, you have an organized day planned. Tell easy child I said good luck in her new apartment. I'm sure my Lizzie would love to visit. :bigsmile:

    J, I can go on little sleep but staying up two nights in a row and working all day doesn't sound like fun. :bloodshot:

    My middle sis and her bff arrived at 11PM. It was nice to see her. They are staying for a week or so. This trip was timed to see easy child who will be home on Sunday and celebrate difficult child's birthday. We haven't done anything big for difficult child for a few years. Haven't really wanted to celebrate to tell the truth.

    difficult child is going to a nightclub of sorts. He is nervous as he hasn't ever been to one or even considered wanting to go to one. His new buddy wants to go and difficult child is willing to get out there and try new life experiences. Most of his peers tend to be less inclined. It seems to be some sort of vampire themed club. Hopefully difficult child won't come home with his incisors filed to a point. :frenkenstein:
    Tomorrow night is the social group. LOL. He does have busy evenings lately.

    Today I take all three pups for a fur trim. They need something.
    difficult child and I are going for eye exams and then it's off to pick up groceries.

    Hoping for a fun weekend with sis and the family. It's nice to have another pair of girl hands.

    Have a good day everyone
  4. AnnieO

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    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Stephenie Meyer sucked you in too!

    Good, aren't they?

    Warning - do not eat before reading the first third of Breaking Dawn.

    I'm at work, but today should be fun. Jett has football practice again tonight, the last one before the Premiere Game on Sunday. Onyxx has been earning money to clean the house and wants to go to this church-run teen nightclub again tonight. She's got about $40 which is frightening - she earned it all in 2 days - and worked for it.

    My best friend is off at a church retreat, so I've lost my texting buddy temporarily. So I got hold of his wife and invited her down for the weekend. LOL! She's cool and gets along with my kids. She's iffy about husband but I think that's cause he talks nonstop. Maybe I'll get her help re-dyeing my hair this weekend - STANG, IT'S GOING TO BE REDDER THAN BEFORE...

    I'm thinking after practice tonight I'll make a peach-apple cobbler. It just sounds yummy and we almost never have dessert. Anyone have any good recipes? 'Sides, tomorrow, Jett turns 11. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW

    Well, all, have a wonderful Friday and weekend!
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, difficult child's new colour scheme sounds lovely. Very imperial Rome... you could do something along those lines. A toga or two?

    Gcvmom, I can understand the attraction of a good book. Just be careful to get SOME sleep!

    Fran, difficult child is going so well these days, the celebration for his birthday should be a very enjoyable occasion. difficult child 3's therapist has been working on him to keep a list of new challenges to try, and challenges to celebrate as accomplished. Even little things, such as a new food tried, a new movie watched. It could be something for your difficult child to do?

    Step, the peach-apple cobbler sounds yummy. Put some rhubarb in it as well, so it can match your new hair colour. I'll dig out some good dessert recipes for you.

    As for me and today - I've had one of THOSE days...

    I was heading out to an appointment I made a month ago, to get my engagement ring assessed. I need a certificate that says, "This diamond has these characteristics and is worth X amont..." before I put it in to be re-set. I'm too wary of having the diamond swapped on me while it's in being worked on. I've been hoping to get it repaired before the wedding, but I'm running out of time. having to wait a month between the valuer appointments was really a problem.

    ANyway, I collected a friend because we were gonig to use the extra time while we were out, to help me buy an outfit for the wedding. I was looking forward to acouple of hours' leisurely shopping. We got to the mall an hour before the appointment and had a quick look in one store, found some possible outfits and decided to head back there after the appointment.
    Got to the appointment in the jewellery store a few minutes early and waited to catch the eye of the sales person; to be told that the valuer had left and wouldn't be back for another month, I was late. Turns out they had changed the appointmenttime, "she left only ten minutes ago," the sales lady said.
    I began to get quietly stroppy - not impressed. The sales lady said, "We did ring you yesterday to confimr the appointment," she told me.
    "Yes, you confirmed it for 12.30," I reminded her. "And I was early. Your sign right here says she will be here until 12.30 and I was here before then, and she was not."
    The sales persoon insisted she had told me - I remembered checking my diary, I would have changed te time if she had told me.
    So they rang the valuer who had gone to her next appointment (a mall over half an hour's drive away). The valuer agreed to wait, so I headed off to Mall No 2. Increasingly unimpressed. I left my friend at Mall No 1, said I would call her mobile when I got back.
    I got to Mall No 2, not quite running red lights. Walked right in to the correct store (just lucky) and they were really nice. The ring got valued and while I waited, I checked out a store across the corridor and bought a top. Got back, collected my ring, paid for the valuation then headed off back to Mall No 1. Trying to phone my friend - the number I had for her was an old phone number!

    By the time we found one another, it was time for me to go, I had a doctor's appointment. While trying to find my friend I'd met up with easy child 2/difficult child 2 and passed on a message to her about a job interview she's been offered (thank goodness). At which point - friend rang. At last! She'd found some lovely outfits for me to look at - but thanks to the stupid runaround, we had no more time. I had hoped to have time to put my ring in to a jeweller to get re-set, but again - no time.

    And my doctor was running an hour late - I could have used that hour...

    Got home late, just in time to take difficult child 3 down to tennis. After tennis, got home just in time to start dinner when husband got hoome. Feelnig very frustrated.

    Then watching a TV show where they said, "Ever thought of leaving the rat race?" I remembered - just asI'd been leaving in the morning and making a noise opening the garage door, I'd heard a rustling in the dry leaves and turned - just in time to see the back of of something rat-like and very large, crawling inside a discarded length of PCV pipe. I didn't see it come out, the oter end looked like it was blocked off so I dropped a brick behind the end I'd seen and headed off.

    I told husband, we went to check it out. It had somehow escaped anyway. But after we talked it through we don't think it was a rat, after all. He said it's too big, it must be a bandicoot. Which is a lot better than a rat!

    I have to go out again tomorrow - I'm collecting easy child 2/difficult child 2 and we're meeting the florist. Then I'm collecting another friend because we have a meeting just after lunch. In between (if the wheels don't fall off again) I'll have a few hours to spare. So I'll go back to that store and try to find those outfits. And maybe see if I can talk to a jeweller (NOT the one who mucked me around today) about getting the ring re-set, hopefully within the next six weeks.

    And maybe the bandicoot will be back. They're OK, not pests (except when they dig holes in the garden).

    Oh, it was easy child 2/difficult child 2's birthday today, too. I did get a chance to wish her happy birthday, but not much more.

    Tomorrow has to be better.

    Enjoy your Friday. may it be better than mine was!

  6. timer lady

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    Morning all ~ running late already. I have 2 hours to get ready for piano lessons. My body hasn't been cooperating when it comes to golf or piano that last couple of weeks.

    I'm heading out to water my flowers. Have a good one.
  7. KTMom91

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    Good morning, ladies!

    I've already read the paper, submitted a letter to the editor, had breakfast, and plan to go walk in water this morning. Miss KT is still sleeping, thank goodness, the combined stresses of school starting and turning 18 on Monday are making her (and by extension, us) crazy.

    Have a wonderful day!
  8. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We arrived in Michigan last night around 7:30. It's always good to be here because we tend to relax more although difficult child woke up at 4:15 this morning (that's 3:15 in the morning at our home but there is the time difference).

    This afternoon we are going to a bbq at mother in law's and father in law's house. My father in law makes the best ribs anywhere!! Later we (husband, easy child, and me) are going to a party in a park (lots of people from husband's class will be there although the reunion is tomorrow night). We're suppose to order from our favorite pizza place tonight-good stuff but I will try to eat in moderation. difficult child will go swimming with some of his cousins at my sister in law's house.

    Wishing everyone a super day!:)