Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 10, 2010.

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    Morning Friends :salute:

    Another cold morning here - but, it is winter!

    I got a huge hunk of my gift wrapping done late yesterday! I have one errand to run this morning, but unfortunately the store doesn't open until 10! When you've been up since 4, 10 seems like the afternoon!!! The rest of the day is finishing the wrapping and getting a two boxes out to the post office! I should be finished with the wrapping and mailing today and I'll start on my cards tomorrow!

    Hope your Friday is a great one! :gingerbread:

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    G'day for Friday.

    Sharon/LDM, congrats on getting your wrapping done! I've got to get on with mine, I still have a fair bit of shopping to do, and some baking.

    We had difficult child 3's school presentation day today, the graduation for School Certificate (Year 10). difficult child 3 turned to me as he looked at his certificate and said, "This means I could leave school now if I wanted to, doesn't it?"
    The rules have been changed recently, kids have to stay at school (or equivalent) until age 17, and preferably until Higher School Certificate (another two years at least) but he could get an apprenticeship now. Plus he's been working towards a subject in HSC which is also a college subject.

    After the presentation ceremony, the school put on a finger food lunch for all the kids, parents and staff who attended. I had a meeting to go to, plus I got talking to another parent - her son had been awarded several medals for academic achievement. I was watching the boy trying to interact with a classmate, and he was clearly Aspie or similar. I'm glad he was able to do so well in his lessons - it was a struggle this year for difficult child 3. I got talking to them, difficult child 3 came over and talked briefly to the other boy. They do know one another, have met before and tried to set up a card game via email. I suggested they play chess by emailing notations to one another. But as they didn't exchange email addresses, it might have to wait until they meet again next year some time.

    I toddled off to my meeting - another staff selection meeting, the last one for the school year. Today we went through all the applications to choose who to interview. Now we wait three days (minimum) so candidates can be notified. That takes us to Wednesday, the soonest we can interview. But Wednesday is the last day of school for students. Teachers don't finish the school year until Friday. And by Friday, the school, and the candidates, have to know who has got the job so they can organise their lives for the next school year.
    It's been busy with staffing - I'm on the interview panel for another job on Monday, and now Wednesday as well. husband & difficult child 3 are coming in to school with me on Monday, I'm hoping to organise difficult child 3 to have some lessons. At the very least, I will get him to bring his computing work. He didn't get any work done today because he was too focussed on playing a card game with another friend, in between that friend's lessons.
    Most Year 10 students have finished for the year. But difficult child 3 has his extension unit to work on, plus some revision work.

    We left the school quite late (our staffing panel had a lot of work to do) and got to the mall fifteen minutes before closing, but we did manage to buy difficult child 3 some new swimwear. So maybe tomorrow I will persuade him to christen them down the road at the beach. It was about 30 C (86 F) today, will be about 28 C (82 F) tomorrow. But there's a cool breeze, so hanging around at the beach is pleasant, even in the sun. It's raining inland (and flooding) but we're OK here. For once. I should be at a meeting tomorrow but it has been cancelled due to lack of attendees. I don't mind - I could use a day off!

    Enjoy your Friday.

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    Ug. Got nothing done yesterday. Kiddo had a meltdown, my leg still hurts where she kicked me. Seems she upset because other kids are telling her that Santa either doesn't exist or that he died, and she's also upset that we live so far from family and "everyone else" is having huge family holidays. And of course, bloodwork was mentioned when we talked of going to genetic testing. She was not a happy kiddo. No wonder I can't get her to write to Santa this year. Oy. 2 hour delay at school, she wants to do her Hibernator thing, but work doesn't delay for me so I have to go drag this not happy kid out of bed. I'm so glad it's Friday.
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    Good Morning Everyone:mornincoffee:,

    Sharon (LDM), It's always such a nice feeling when all the shopping for gifts and wrapping is finally completed:christmasgift:! I think you deserve a LONG nap this afternoon...

    Marg, Glad difficult child 3 has some new swimwear. Enjoy your day off!!! Hope it's spent relaxing at the beach...:beach:

    HaoZi, difficult child "melt-downs" grow old so quickly... Hope your leg feels better! Hope your difficult child has a much better day today!!! Enjoy your weekend...

    Yesterday easy child/difficult child 3 went on a school field trip to a dog show. She brought home a toy and "cookies" for my "favorite sanity saver." She even spent a few minutes playing with her. Sometimes, the old easy child seems to shine through... However, it didn't last very long:mad:

    difficult child 2 has his after school cooking class today. Not sure what they're making but he seems more excited then usual to be going. Got to keep reinforcing those ADL's!!!

    It's another cold day:coldday:... I've been dressing in lots of layers and when I'm outside, I top off all the layers with a down jacket. I must look like one giant snowball, lol...

    Hope everyone has a good day and all of our difficult children decide to take a break from acting like difficult children this weekend!!! SFR