Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!!!!

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    :frenkenstein::frankenstein: Happy Halloween:goo::witch:

    Good Friday Morning Friends,

    Two reasons to be happy this morning - it's Free Choice Friday and Halloween! I love Halloween!

    We have all our spooky stuff ready to set out this afternoon. easy child gets out early today and we are actually picking up difficult child early from school. The three of us will decorate our "candy spot" outside and carve our pumpkins. Company arrives at 6.

    difficult child has done well this week. It's 9-week testing time. He was one of only five to pass the English assessment in his class. Hmmm, I think that is more a function of the teacher. She is new to our school system and new to middle school - she was a high school english teacher in another state - never done the virginia standards of learning stuff! Not a good percentage of passing students.

    easy child has finally made her portfolio choices. She has so many images - she can only submit 12! She is going to an open house at the art department tomorrow where you can have a review, but she also has an appointment with a professor at the art foundation next week for a one on one porfolio review. She wants to do both just to see.

    I hope everyone has a nice day today and spooky night tonight :vampire::ghoul::ghost::jack:!

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning :ghoul:

    Sharon- Good for difficult child on his assessment! Have fun this afternoon! :witchcrafting:

    I'll be attending Duckie's celebration and helping in the library with the Harvest Activities after. Should be fun! Later, we'll go trick-or-treating with a group of Duckie's friends.:frenkenstein:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :goo:
  3. Good Morning and Happy Halloween Everyone!

    It's another unusually cold day here, but the weather report promises a slight warm up by mid day. Still, I think the ghosts and goblins will be moving very quickly around here tonight!

    Sharon I'm glad to hear that both difficult child and easy child are doing so well. I hope easy child's open house and review go well. It sounds like you are all very busy today. The afternoon and evening sound like fun.

    TiredMommy, Duckie's celebration and trick-or-treating sound like lots of fun. Enjoy!!!

    easy child called last night, and he's coming home for a visit this weekend. I know it's really because he loves Halloween in our neighborhood. He is still participating in physical therapy to heal his injured knee and he has really put his energy into the process. He was so excited yesterday because the physical therapist says he can get on his bicycle again. He usually bikes around campus and has had to walk instead- and it's a much slower process.

    difficult child has been in an unusually good mood lately. He seems to be doing well in all of his classes, and we are holding our breath! He does seem to be maturing in lots of ways.

    Halloween is always a big production on our street -literally. We have a neighbor who is an artist who does incredible things with his house. This year he has two 9 foot black cats outside of his house with glowing green eyes. He always has several characters who "come to life" on his porch and you hear kids screaming in fear and pleasure all evening :) . Another neighbor, always has a multimedia production - so our street is definitely the "drive to" place. We just have a few decorations (how you can compete with a passionate artist?) - but I always have to buy LOTS of candy because of the large crowds of kids. Wish us luck... I hate to have to make an emergency candy run at 8:00 ...LOL.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Happy Halloween:witchcrafting:

    Sharon-Glad difficult child did well on his test. It's too bad more didn't do so as well. I bet narrowing those pictures down is difficult for easy child. Have tonight with Halloween.:frenkenstein:

    TM-Sounds like a day filled with Halloween celebrating-enjoy:pumpkin:

    1Day-Glad to hear easy child is doing so well in pt and that he is coming home! Super that difficult child is doing so well. Sounds like a fun night in your neighborhood!:goo:There is a house down the street here who adds something to their front yard each day of October-it is really something to see. When difficult child was younger he used to be afraid to go-now he loves it.

    As for us, after the convention we will head to Michigan and hopefully my back will endure the ride-it's actually doing much better.
    Tomorrow night we will go to a Halloween party sister in law is having-should be fun.:ghost:

    I hope everyone enjoys this spooky day-and may the sugar not make our difficult children more gfgish.:ghoul::frankenstein::jack:
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    Good morning friends,

    kt woke me up this morning ~ I've been asleep almost 24 hours & need to get my body up & moving. Everything seems so off this morning.

    Hope you all have a goo d day. enjoy the antics of the day.
  6. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - Have fun decorating. Good luck to easy child's weekend.

    Tired - Enjoy celebrating and activiting.

    One Day - I can see why easy child wants to come home for Halloween. In fact, i think I want to got to your neighborhood tonight also.

    Wiped Out - Take priority care of your back. Have a safe trip!

    Timer - It is o.k. to be off today - part of the Holiday. I hope things get managable real fast.

    Yesterday was so much problems at work (notice, I hate using the word problems but once in a while the word challenge just doesn't work.) I had to call IT to help with my computer as I was leaving for the day. They helped but I had no time to check it. I will go in Sat or Sun so it better be working! Earlier that morning, I was informed of a new rule as of July 1st that will add a ton of work to our Out-Patient staff! arggggh! It will also mean some more work for me.

    Today I go to school for a presentation, supervise lunch, and chaperone a field trip. After school I drop one girl off with her mom, keep her brother and home to determine when the night fun begins. Neighborhood kids get together and do the neighborhood as a group then to the mall for trick or treating.

    Tommorrow morning, I will help with our school's invitational Spelling Bee. I get to be a Spell Master! I convinced difficult child to participate. I have to be there, he might as well enter the contest. I hope he surprises himself.

    Happy hauntings to everyone. Only good haunts allowed.

    Everyone have a great day. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh (and one or two good screams won't hurt today!)