Happy New Year!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Marguerite, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    happy New Year from Sydney, Australia!

    We're watching the fireworks on TV but we can hear them, and feel them, all the way from Sydney Harbour!

  2. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :happy_new_year: Happy New Year Marg!


  3. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    I figure - we can check in each of us, when it's midnight local time. Happy new year around the world!

    OK, heading for bed now. husband's cousins are coming for lunch tomorrow...

  4. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    :happy_new_year:Happy new year Marg!!!:happy_new_year:

    I'll probably be asleep before it's 2011 here, lol.. but it's a great idea to celebrate around the world!!! I'm sure lots of us will still be awake...:wine: SFR
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :cheers::jumphappy:Best wishes for 2011!!
  6. Jena

    Jena New Member

    Happy New Year Marg :)
  7. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    :party:Happy New Year!!!!
  8. Frazzledmom

    Frazzledmom Guest

    Happy New Year!! And thank you all again for helping me make it through the last few days of 2010. Let's hope 2011 is a bit calmer but I am not holding my breath, that's for sure! Best wishes to all for you for the best in 2011. -Lynn
  9. shellyd67

    shellyd67 Active Member

    Happy New Year to all my friends !!!! :happy_new_year::happy_new_year:
  10. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year, Marg!! :cheers:
  11. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Happy New Year to all my invisible friends!!!
  12. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Not New Year here yet - not sure if I will be up that late. However, I wanted to let Marge know that the fireworks display in Sydney made the Top 5 spotlights of videos sent into the weather channel. Very beautiful!!!
  13. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Happy New Year! :happy_new_year:
  14. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year, ladies. It's 12:34 am, California time, and I am glad to see 2010 in my rear view mirror!
  15. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year is better for all of you than last.
  16. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year! Sorry I didn't check in at midnight; my cats were accidentally locked in my office and I was busy trying to get blue cartridge printer toner off of them! They used to have tan faces and look Tonkinese. Now they're Disney characters!:consoling: