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    Has anyone had home instruction for their difficult child? How much time did you get, hours per week, did you still get Occupational Therapist (OT), if so did they come to the home? Anything you think I should ask for? Seeking any and all input.
  2. Martie

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    I have no experience with what you are asking about. It is governed by law if your difficult child has an IEP but the few people I know who have gone this route haven't gotten much.

    I am going to move your post to the General Forum, which has a lot more traffic to see if you can get some helpful responses.

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    kathie, I sent you an email..........
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    When my daughter had knee surgery, she was placed on what my district calls homebound instruction. She recieved 1 1/2 hours per day of instruction from a certified teacher for each day she missed because of the surgery and recouperation. The district paid the instructor. I also teach homebound after school for extra money. Sometimes I go to the person's house, sometimes I meet the student in the town library, it depends on the living conditions in the home. The teacher(s) provides the assignments and sends them to the homebound instructor. She teaches the skills neccessary to complete the required assignment and then returns them to the classroom teacher(s). When done correctly and with cooperation from all, it works.
  5. dreamer

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    in our district the teachers prefer we go to library. our school provides 5 hours a week for homebound to be equivelant of one week of school.
    Some of our homebound instructors merely drop off and pick up assignments, none of the instructors we had had a clue how to work with any of our IEP accomodations and for my kids who were on long term homebound, long term being out of school provided challenges our homebound instructors were not sure how to handle.
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    Our SD put difficult child on homebound in January--March last year before he was able to transfer into Special Education school. He received 1 1/2 hours/wk for math and two 11/2 hour sessions/wk for English,Social Studies and Anatomy and Physiology -- so 41/2 hours weekly for all subjects. The Math instructor came to our house, but the other teacher met her students at our local library ( all her students were teens).

    difficult child did not get Occupational Therapist (OT) at the time, so I'm not sure how SD would have handled that.
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    Thanks for all the replies, I was hoping for more hours then that. The school seems to want to help, we will see.

    Dreamer, I sent you a private message, my e-mail has changed.
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    Homebound was a disaster for us. My son was placed on what they considered homebound and we never saw the teacher. They literally tossed him out the door on January 3rd and we never heard from them again. He was 15. They claimed he was on homebound and that he was getting an education. When I asked where that education was...they claimed I was giving it to him...all I had to do was open his text books. OK!!! There ya go...now Im a teacher to.
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    Trust me you can get everything at home. What is going on with your child? If you have an Autistic child someone ( a behavior specialist )will stay with him EVERY waking moment to teach bathroom skills, and everything he needs for the whole day-during school and after, even weekends. All free for you. Whatever it is- you can get, demand and even got to court if you have to. You will win and the school knows it, so it won't get that far. He is not only entitled to that education-its the law.Don't be pushed around. Don't sign anything either. I work with Autistic kids ( I have the best job in the world ), that s all I know about, but I know it applies to anything. Injury, illness, disability...-Alyssa If Occupational Therapist (OT) is in the IEP- he gets it at home.
  10. Sara PA

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    Homebound was a farse. The instructor we had at first expected to just transfer work back and forth between the school and my son. Apparently the child is suppose to teach himself or the parent is suppose to do it. That might work for elementary students but my son was taking Latin, Chemistry, Social Studies, Algebra III and Advanced English. I was told that the normal amount of time was seven hours a week but the school got authorization from the state to provide 20 hours (but then the person who told me that had lied to me so often, I don't know what to believe). But once the homebound teacher spent an hour or so collecting the work at school, then driving to our house, there really wasn't that much time to teach. And he was a social studies teacher (my area of concentration) and it, along with English, was the subject for which my son needed the least instruction.

    We eventually got a Special Education teacher for homebound. The problem with her was that she simply didn't have the acedemics my son needed. But she did know how to talk to him without provoking him. (Or provoking me. I told the first homebound instructor to leave and not come back when I finally had enough of him telling my son he should be in school and he could if he just decided he was going to... He. had. no. clue. And didn't want one.) But the Special Education teacher gave it a real shot, got along with my son and the school gave him the credit for the year.

    That reminds me...you might want to try to get a homebound instructor with Special Education certification.
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    I am happy you got some responses.

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    We did homebound at the end of last year. They set difficult child up on a computer program. He needed to get on each day at 9 am and it went until about 3 pm. The teacher spoke with him and other students. All the assignments were listed and he needed to click on links and complete and submit each one. If he did not log on, they would call to get him on. They also had textbooks online that he could access. I thought it went pretty well.
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    Thanks for the input, I feel better prepared for my IEP now, will update when I have the results.