Hating my mother right now...

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I hope the psychiatrist visit went well and your day grew calmer. On a lighter note at least the psychiatrist is getting to see difficult child in all his glory. :slap:

On a more practical note..... About the urinary retention, has difficult child been checked by the fam doctor or pediatrician doctor for a urinary tract infection?? Or any other urinary problems? This could be the cause of the urinary retention. (I used seroquel and I have a serious kidney disease. I only stopped cuz the weight gain was too stressful for my kidneys)

I'm always one for checking the most obvious first. And if that is the reason difficult child could have his seroquel back.

Dirty play by your Mom. I enjoy spoiling the grandkids but try hard NOT to step on the parents toes while doing it.



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psychiatrist decided to ditch Strattera and add mood stabalizer...he went with Topamax to avoid blood draws...though couldn't have picked a slightly more potent one and still avoid the blood draws? Ah well, doesn't matter, after the appointment I had to call for an ambulance and M is back in psychiatric hospital. :frown: Being in the psychiatric hospital, my guess is that they'll probably pick up where they left off and go with the Lithium they were thinking about.

Lisa- M went to the ER on Sunday and was checked for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), etc. But, now that he's back in psychiatric hospital, I'm going to push to get a full work up with a urologist while he's there.


Alison, I'm really sorry M is back in the psychiatric hospital. I hope you get some answers, and I hope M gets the help he so desperately needs. Hugs to you.


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I'm sorry to hear M is back in psychiatric hospital. I hope he's able to get the help he needs. You're in my thoughts and prayers. ~hugs~


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Alison - I am SO sorry about your son being back. OMG you have been through the ringer these last couple of weeks. Please keep us updated, we are all thinking about you, and hoping for the best.