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    After talking with the doctor on Thursday I have decided that I need to thoroughly evaluate difficult child and figure out both what is really going on with him and what we can do both at home and at school to help him. The doctor has said many times that I am the one who knows difficult child best and she is very impressed with my ability to figure him out and to express what he needs to others. To do a proper neuropsychologist exam would cost around $2000 and I can't consider that kind of money (and the doctor feels that it would not honestly give us a better idea of what is going on than we already have).

    Anyways, in my research I came across something called Pathological Demand Avoidance. It isn't an official diagnosis at this time and is generally grouped under Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified. It fits difficult child to a T. It makes far more sense than ODD (which I have never been comfortable with) or Autism/Aspergers. There are still other issues involved (possibly Nonverbal Learning Disorder and definitely sensory issues), but this is fitting remarkably well.

    What do you guys think of this disorder? I am amazed how perfectly it fits difficult child.
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    Interesting...thank you for the info.
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    Very interesting - I wonder if it's recognized in the US? I thought the statement on the welcome page was very interesting, something along the lines of how diagnosing PDA is important because while it falls under the realm of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, educational and "handling" strategies that are effective with kiddos with autism/Asperger's are not effective with- PDA.

    Very interesting - thanks!
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    No, I have not heard of that.....very interesting and now I'll have to go look it up.
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    It doesn't seem to be recognised officially yet, but it certainly makes sense to me.
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    Why don't you write a brief synopsis of your sons behaviors and details of medication trials, behavior interventions - and send it to them?

    You could also inquire if they have any suggestions for therapy that has shown to give improvements.

    I think in the future we are going to see a LOT more children broken into Categories and then under those categories, sub categories, and on and on for specific related support and help guides.

    Interesting article - and WAY TO GO WARRIOR MOM for using your mad skills to turn over yet another rock in the field and help your child


    (I still want to know how you are doing on the healthy living)
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    Thanks Star :) I must say it is overwhelming to have the doctor throw everything back on my shoulders as to finding out a more specific idea of what is going on with difficult child. I just might send an email to the people from the site. They did have a small section on teacher interventions... For now I am still pulling together a variety of information to see what fits best *sigh* It feels as if I am looking at a big library of books and suddenly realise that I need to read every book in it. There is way too much stuff out there.

    As for healthy living I'll have to update there. I'm afraid I'm not doing great on that front - stress is just way too high right now. At least difficult child is finally weaned from the effects of the Strattera - that was a week from h**l.
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    OHhhhh (nods head a lot)

    You're on that peanut butter and chocolate diet -

    Protein and Sugar - GOOD CHOICE ....lol

    I read so many books over the years - I made a donation and called it a library after my son it was Dudes Lending Library - and I did the book seals and the card catalog - even bought them a second hand bookcase.

    The library was for low income parents who either would never do research to find the help in a book OR people who wanted help but couldn't afford them.

    I add to it all the time - There has to be nearly 50+ books in it now.
    And some people here sent me some books they were done with - which was really very nice -

    So when you get done with them- consider that as a legacy for your boy.

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    LOL - peanut butter and chocolate - how did you guess? You just missed the popcorn part ;)

    I'm sure that I will also end up with a ton of books. I like that lending library idea, I will give that some thought. I must say that I am thankful for the internet - having recently printed out 70+ pages to read through I know that it is a wealth of knowledge.
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    Certainly different than the ODD list.
    I have seen kids do this.

    So, what is your list of suggestions for the teachers?