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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nateisnuts, Nov 16, 2008.

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    i havent been around on here for awhile..been dealing with alot with my munchkin baby and difficult child...im sort of at my wits end with all the **** now and need a bit of guidance....just a refresher.....

    i really dont think this lady is doing any good at all..she comes and sits on my couch and plays toc tac toe and "buddies" with puppets and difficult child rotely repeats rules back to her when she asks...but i see no changes at all in difficult child..he doesnt throw any of his fits when shes around so she sees what she thinks is improvement..and on top of that shes supposed to be doing 12 hours a month per the psychologists recommendation..its the 3rd week in nov and shes done 4 hours...do i complain if she doesnt get all the hours..especially since i dont want her here to begin with? ive talked to husband and my mom whos been there done that with my brother and sister...i really think were at a point where we need to back up and try to handle things ourself and then when he gets in school if they still think he needs something then start over..this lady is crazy...shes also my sisters mobile therapist...are they supposed to do that..have someone handling 2 family members in the same household? i mean we live behind my parents but still...she interferes when my kids are upstairs with my dad...my dad may have some health issues but he took care of everyones kids when we were growing up all the neices and nephews...he can handle my boys..shes barely borderline rude about my kids being up there when shes there with my sister and we are all getting sick of it...sorry im really rambling here...i guess my Q is would i be totally screwing us if i refused services for awhile..shes just so not a good match and supposedly there is noone else...i dont know what to do:confused:
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    Have you contacted your public school? I hate social services myself, but I'd want my son evaluated and helped early if I were you. Just not by the county. Has he seen anyone privately, like a neuropsychologist?
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    well he was in early intervention but when he turned 3 he didnt qualify for services thru the intermediate unit..is that the same thing? im calling the district office tommorow or tuesday to ask about a pre k program someone told me they were starting so ill ask if theres anything else they can offer maybe...
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    I first would call your therapist and let him/her know your issues with her. If you don't feel comfortable with her, and don't think it is doing any good than that is a legitimate concern. Maybe the therapist can give some advice and at least make sure that she is giving him the 12hrs. Then if you all agree that the program isn't working I would also try to contact the school and see if they have an early intervention program. Good Luck!!!