Hays House Marinated Brisket

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    Place 5 to 10 pound brisket, fat side up on a large sheet of foil or a baking bag. Pour marinade over brisket,
    1 cup each: Liquid smoke, soy sauce

    1/3 cup each: celery seeds, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce

    1/6 cup each: garlic powder, onion salt

    Fold up foil and seal, or follow instruction on baking bag. Let stand in fridge overnight. Bake in bag or foil for 5 hours at 300 degrees. Or until tender.

    I scrape off the fat that is left on brisket, along with extra seasonings. Let set, then slice thin and serve.
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  2. ksm

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    I posted this for StillStanding... As I had mentioned it on another forum that I had fixed it.

    I use a smaller trimmed piece of brisket and halved the ingredients. When I buy the meat I put it in a ziplock bad with the marinade, and then freeze. Then when I am ready to cook, take it out a day a head of time to thaw in the fridge.
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    Thanks, KSM!

    I'm going to try your brisket recipe within the next couple of weeks!
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    I'll be trying out this recipe too. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thank you! I love the idea of pre-freezing with the marinade. I will definitely be trying it.