He peed in the playground maze

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by adearing01, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. adearing01

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    Having a nice peaceful dinner at a local fast food restaurant. Very few kids playing. We were done eating, just watching the kids play.
    The next thing I know easy child 4 came running over yelling "difficult child peed up there!" I could have just died! I tried to cry so the other parents would just feel sorry for me and not think bad thoughts.
    A little girl probably about 6 kept telling difficult child that she was going to tell on him. Ireally thought about just running away.
    Well, I gathered up what strength I had and asked to speak with the manager. I made difficult child tell her what he had done and that he was sorry. Then he proceeded to ask for a brownie! Will he ever get it?!

    Embarrased and afraid to go in public.
  2. KTMom91

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    Yup...I remember those days when I was afraid to leave the house. Either Miss KT would do something I'd have to apologize to someone for, or I would want to kill her dead. Or both. No advice, just hugs.
  3. witzend

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    Uggghhh.... I'm so sorry...
  4. Andy

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    "I tried to cry so the other parents would just feel sorry for me and not think bad thoughts."

    I sometimes think I have been give a diva easy child and a difficult child just to give me more patience with other kids and have a true understanding what parents are going through. Helps me to feel sorry and not have bad thoughts even without the tears.

    :) :)

    You did great - I wouldn't have thought about the apology part for difficult child - I would have just made a quick "Um, excuse me, there is a mess in the play area that must be cleaned up ASAP" and made a quick get away. I am going to remember to have difficult child apologize when needed.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    {{{{{Hugs}}}}} Can't remember too clearly, but somewhere in the dark, supressed recesses of my mind I'm pretty sure we've been there done that as well. I think I've squashed the memory as far down as it will go... time heals all...
  6. meowbunny

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    So, was this a deliberate pull it out and pee type of thing or wet his pants cause he's having too much fun to leave type? My daughter would rather have wet her pants than leave something fun at that age. He may have been having so much fun he didn't even realize he had to go until it was too late. It's a pretty common thing. The workers at these playgrounds are pretty much used to it (don't like it but are used to it).

    Kudos to you for being responsible enough to tell an employee that it had happened (you'd be surprised how many parents just sneak out) and even bigger kudos to you and your son for the apology.

    So, yes, it was embarassing but it could have been much much worse. An employee could have been cleaning up poop that a little girl left cause she didn't want to let anyone else play in that area. Before her mom could pull her out, the balls and the girl were covered. Now THAT was a mess to clean up. ewwww (My friend owned a Jungleland and I helped her when she was short-staffed.)
  7. SomewhereOutThere

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    Does he often not "get it?"
    I would re-evaluate his diagnosis. Sounds like he's a little too clueless for ADHD/anxiety. I wouldn't be angry at him. I have a feeling he isn't even that aware that it's as inappropriate to do that as it obviously is.
    I would take him to a neuropsychologist. I don't think you have the final answer as to what is wrong with him yet. His medications could be making him worse instead of better. That's my two cents...good luck.
  8. Christy

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    Oh, I feel your pain! Good for you for having him apologize. Was it deliberate or just an unwilligness to stop and use the bathoom? My son frequenly has "accidents" when he is doing something fun like a playland. He just refuses to stop and take care of business.

    Just the other day, at the beach, I had spoken to difficult child and told him that if he needed to use the bathroom I would take him up to the bathroom and then bring him right back to beach. "Your fun won't be over if you stop and use the bathroom. You can come right back." He said he understood and spent the next two hours having a great time with a little girl he met. When we went back to the hotel, he informed us that there was poop in his trunks. His excuse, I didn't want to stop playing. I was flabberghasted. There was nothing to say. Just like you said about your son, not getting it and asking for a brownie. This is exactly how my difficult child is, he does not see what the big deal is. The rest of week, we made sure that he took care of his bowel movements before venturing out for the day. This angered him but short of a diaper, I didn't know what else to do!
  9. LittleDudesMom

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    I have the same question as one of the other posters. Was this deliberate or an accident?

  10. I had this happen last summer when my difficult child was 4. I thought I was gonna die! It was the first day of summer and everyone was there. I was so embarassed! The other parents were livid with me. And it was in the snootiest part of town! UGh! I made him apologize to the manager and took him straight home and to bed for his nap early. He was so mad, but I was madder. Get this! It was in the car that was on top of the structure and I could not get in there to clean it up. I am glad the car was watertight ;)

    Just wanted you to know we have been there done that also.

    Now no matter what, the first trip we take where there is a playplace is the bathroom.
  11. mama2lexxie

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    I am so sorry. I often feel as though I spend my time apologizing or looking like the parent with the 'horrible' child.
  12. adearing01

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    Deliberate or not, that is the question. I am leaning more towards not. I do believe he did not want to stop playing, but he does not seem to understand that you cannot just whip it out wherever.
    I have found places in his room, but he does sleep walk and do this. I have witnessed it and had to direct him to the proper place. He did this on the playground on the last day of school a few weeks ago and we have had issues with this problem since he was three. I wish I had a. better answer, but I just don't know for sure.
    I also agree that there must be a better diagnosis. I have been pushing for Aspergers for over a year now. He does show very strong ODD and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendencies as well. All I know is that I want help and can't seem to find anything that works for more than a day. HE IS TOO SMART!
  13. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    K has done this when she was on a new medication or medication change. Or when she was anxious, also when she was very absorbed in something. Or just a change...

    I had warned her school to let me know when they were going to pull her out and test her, they didn't. They told her, not the same thing, every time, she peed her pants. But she really didn't aknowledge it or even realize until after a few minutes.
  14. Sara PA

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    Did he wet his pants or did he .....whip it out? Does he remember doing it?

    I got tell you, all stims and all antidepressant come with cautions about being used by people with seizure disorders. They can lower the seizure threshold. Your son is taking a total of three of those drugs. How long do his absence seizures last -- a five seconds or 30 seconds? There may be more going on than absence seizures.
  15. adearing01

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    They usually last close to the 30 second mark, but I have not witnessed one in quite some time now. Sometimes I just want to take him off all the medications and start over.
  16. Sara PA

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    Thirty seconds is past the absences seizure range and into the partial complex seizure territory. That's why I asked if he wet himself or purposefully peed in an inappropriate place.
  17. OpenWindow

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    My difficult child has done this on the playground because he didn't want to leave (he did make sure no one was around first but went pretty much anywhere). He also used to sneak out and go into the back yard because he didn't like using the bathroom - probably when he was about 4-8 years old. Just didn't get it that this was not appropriate. He really didn't have much modesty at all.