He stole husband's company truck

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by upallnight, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I've had the same problems forever with difficult child. He is a pathological liar, about everything and nothng. husband is a nice man, willing to help difficult child by GIVING him a coveted union carpenter job, and not firing him when he should. difficult child is going to cause husband to have a heart attack, he keeps getting chest pains when he's dealing with this, I chose detachment and KNOW everything difficult child says is complete nonsense- sad, but true. My emotional involvment is only how husband is affected.

    difficult child asked husband to borrow the company truck. husband told him no- difficult child has his own truck. difficult child went to the company and said husband needed it for the weekend- a total lie- and difficult child just "took" it. husband just found out about this. He's having chest pains and ready to find difficult child and he's hoping difficult child didn't just lend it to his difficult child friends,or do something messed up that will get them both in trouble. The disappointment never freaking ends with this kid, I can't move. I know there is nothing I can do. My heart can't take it either- I'm still his mom. I cannot tell this to anyone else. Thanks for the listening ear,-Alyssa
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    I am so sorry! Hugs to you, and sending a wave of calm to husband.
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    Dang it all. Bad enough when they get themselves into trouble. Hopefully this will help husband with detachment also. I'm so sorry. Keeping fingers crossed difficult child hasn't done anything stupid with the truck and gets it back in the same condition he took it in.
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    I am so sorry that he keeps doing things to hurt husband after husband has tried so hard to help him. I know that it hurts to watch husband hurt.
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    You must be worried sick... So sorry for you. I know the feelings and you said it exactly... the disappointment never (seems) to end.. I can't move... those are the feelings that come over me exactly.. I just never said it so well.
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    Alyssa, I'll never forget the look on my then-husband's face the morning he woke me up to tell me that "his" van and our son were both missing. Rob had acted out with me thousands of times over the years. This was the first time for his Dad. The shock and disbelief and sorrow (then rage) on his face was heartbreaking.

    I'm so sorry.

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    I am so sorry. I am another one who's heart just dropped when I read the title because I could have written the post. been there done that. Cory stole the company van one time too.
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    My husband had caught my difficult child backing the car out of the driveway once but never felt it was a Biggie and hid it from me for months. But then a year or so later difficult child was caught again It was the first time we ever let difficult child stay home alone overnight (he was 18). It was only one night but we got home to find that he had stolen the plates off easy child's car and was out joyriding in the car that husband had helped him buy as incentive to get his licence and a job. He had driven over two hundred miles that weekend total. He was driving an uninsured unregistered vehicle without a licence. We found out he had also taken younger kids for a ride in it. husband was shocked, I was not it was exactly as I had predicted it would be but husband had never listened to me always said I was to untrusting too strict too too. Anyway end result was that husband sold the car and we kept close watch on difficult child thereafter never leaving him alone in our house took his house key away and did not give him access to any of our keys. It didn't keep difficult child for breaking into our garage to party with his friends but at least husband now knew what difficult child was capable of.

    So sorry that you are in this position of numb shock. I hope that maybe your husband will learn to protect hiimself and you from future victimazation at the hands of your difficult child. -RM
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    We went from being angry at him, to bringing him a big heart-shaped box of candy. husband went to look for him. difficult child's roomate said he's in the ER. difficult child started throwing up blood, coughing blood, and urinating blood. This was yesterday. We went to the hospital, difficult child told us something was wrong with his liver, they did a scan, but the Dr. hadn't told him anything. He was admitted and the nurse said he also has strep pnemonia in 3 lobes of his lung. It's a blizzard, I can't go over there now, but I'm taking comfort in knowing he's being treated, and in good hands. When we went there, difficult child took off his little oxygen mask thing, the nurse came in and told him he needed to keep it on, so he took it off as soon as she left and broke it. You'd think he'd be too sick to be a difficult child at some point. I'm really worried.-Alyssa
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    Alyssa, I'm sorry. He is sick and you have to change gears for now. Unfortunately you will still have to deal with his actions when he is well. It will be so much harder but it has to be done. For now do what you can to help him get well. I hope he pulls through. by the way when my difficult child is sick he is more of a difficult child than when he isn't. -RM
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    My heart sank when I read this -

    My best detached Mom advice?

    Get him well and THEN kick his arse.

    Hoping for a speedy recovery.
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    I ditto Star. It's so hard to change gears from being majorly POed to worried sick. Saying a prayer he gets well quick.
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    Oh my goodness, difficult child thinks I'm going to take him out of the hospital. His infection has spread, he's getting worse. It's spread to his bloodstream as of today, it had been in his bladder and his liver, in additon to his lungs. Now they want to do an ultrasound of his heart. Why do they need that? They are giving him stronger antibiotics now. Seriously, what truck? He's been in there since Sunday, and he's not getting better. The strange thing is, he just had a cold on Saturday. I left work after 1/2 a day, I only had a 1/2 family illness day left to take off- thinking he'd be better and I could at least talk to a Dr. I'm scared, my mother in law died from pnemonia.
  14. Star*

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    I was so sorry to read the happenings of your son. I'll keep this kid in my prayers....and his Momma too.

    Hugs & Love
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    I'm not a doctor, but I know that untreated strep can cause rheumatic fever which damages the heart valves.

    Sending up prayers for your son in hopes they can beat down this infection and make him well again quickly!

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    Prayers are being sent up Alyssa. I am so sorry. It's hard to watch them suffer. Hugs.
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    How awful, Alyssa. This has to be very scary. I hope they find the right treatment for him so he recovers quickly.

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    Praying that he gets well soon. Sending gentle hugs and LOTS of support to you and husband.