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I just wanted to share my experience this past weekend. My husband and I follow the Native American Way, and we were invited to be part of a Sweat Lodge offered for the healing of a family who had lost their son to violence.

The son, whose name was the same as my son's, was stabbed and killed in a fight three weeks ago. The son, whose name was the same as my son's, was 32 years old. Just one year older than mine.

I met his father at the Sweat, and I told him, "I don't know you but, my heart is with your heart" and I went into the Lodge with that thought as my prayer.

I've been going in Sweat Lodges for over 4 years now. That one was the 2nd most intense I've ever been a part of. I came out completely exhausted, empty, humbled and hopeful.

For me, for some reason, when the intention of my prayers is for someone else, it has so much more meaning for me. I'm failing to find the words right now to describe it.

But, I wanted to share it with you all. And to let you know, I will be doing my best to add you all to my prayers going forward.



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Ponygirl, thank you for your post. I think what you wrote here has tremendous significance. You exemplify the fact that when we do something for someone else when we are in our grief and our pain---we help ourselves.

Your story underscores that.

Getting out of our own situations and helping somebody else is part of 12 step. It is vital to healing and learning how to move forward and reclaim our own lives, even when we are in the midst of pain and grief that seems never-ending.

Thank you for sharing this.