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    Thanks for the recipe. I have a similiar one that I use with corn, tomatoe. black, bean, red onion, cilantro, lime, olive oil and chili paste! Love corn and black beans together!!

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    Fresh strawberries dipped in Astro Source lemon parfait yogurt. It's like eating strawberries with whipped cream. YUM!
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    I just ate the best thing!
    I bought salmon - a one pound bag of 4 individually wrappped pieces
    Put them in a pan and cooked them 5 min on each side ( I didn't use Pam ,or oil or anything)
    I sprinkled on blackend seasoning while they were cooking
    Threw a piece on top of a salad with fat-free balsamic dressing

    It was good.-Alyssa
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    there are a couple of us here that are salmon lovers! I've two recipes posted here for salmon I think - one in the micro and one grilled. I buy mine at costco. I spend between $16 and $20 for a large filet, then cut it up in serving size filets (I normally get 7-8 servings). I wrap them in platic, then place them all in the freezer. Just take them out and pop them in the fridge in the morning. By dinner you've got a seven minute meal ready to go!!!!!

  5. Fran

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    One of my favorite desserts is Angel Food cake sliced down into serving size pieces. Arrange in a circle around a serving plate. Pour sugar free pudding(I like butterscotch or vanilla) over the cake. Refrigerate for a bit. Put fresh fruit before serving. I usually do whatever fruit is in season. strawberries,blueberries, kiwi,peaches or whatever fresh fruit over the top and serve. Three fruits seems the best mix(strawberries, kiwi and peach or banana are my favorite). It's pretty and delicious.

    I have had this recipe for so long that I don't remember the calorie count but it was from a healthy eating class I took.
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    Fran, that sounds delicious.
    I have been serving Angel cake with fruit, but I never thought to use low fat pudding. Yum!

    When I'm in a tearing hurry, I have been known to take a slice of Angel cake and put a giant spoonful of low-sugar strawberry jam on top in place of fruit.
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    I have another angel food cake recipe you all might enjoy. Box of angel food cake in a bowl, add a whole can of crushed pinapple, add a little shredded coconut and a dash of ginger. Yum! It's a WW recipe called Mock Mocaroon.

  8. Nomad

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    Saw this in a magazine....
    Turkey burgers

    Spray the broiler pan with- cooking spray. Can also use a pan (spray first) and fry.
    Preheat the broiler.

    1 pound lean ground turkey
    1/2 medication. red onion, chopped
    1 large egg, beaten
    2 tbsp, parsley, fresh, chopped
    1 medication. garlic clove, minced
    1/2 tsp. dried tarragon
    1/2 tsp table salt
    1/2 tsp black pepper

    Lightly combine all the ingredients. Form 4 burgers. Broil 4 inches from heat until brown, about five mins. on each side. Don't over cook. Can also spray a pan and cook this way. Has great flavor!!!

    Serve with mustard or horseradish sauce (hot though!). Also tom., onions, lettuce.

    Can add a low calorie bun or two slices of low cal. bread.

    The flavor is excellent! many points is the "mock" macaroon????? My turkey burgers are about 4 points each. thank you.
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    I have my own version of this recipe (the garlic and the red onion add a "punch" of favor! Thanks for posting it Nomad! I've not tried it with horshradish - I like getting my nasel passages cleared!!

    One word of advice on the ground turkey - read your packaging - look for grams of fat per serving. Some brands have a lower fat version available.

    I like avacado on my turkey burger too!

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    Wow, this forum is great LOL! Didn't even know it was here. Ha!

    We make applesauce in the crock pot. So easy - my kids do it.

    6 apples (your choice) cored and sliced (we slice them with a slicer, so they're a nice size)
    1 cup sugar (we use Splenda)
    1/2 cup water
    Cinnamon (to your liking)

    Cook on low 6 hours :)

    I love to do this now, when it's cold. I start it around 1:00, that way after supper, it's still warm. If you're into some type of low calorie, fat free or sugar free ice cream, might be good with a bit on top.

    Couldn't tell you point value, not sure. I'm sorry, not doing WW. I just stick to 1250 calories per day. From what I figured, 1 cup is somewhere in the 90-110 calorie range.

  11. Marguerite

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    OK, all this talk of angel-food cake and low-fat pudding makes me think of tiramisu. Although it is originally Italian, did you know that its international resurgence started in Australia?

    You might be able to adapt a tiramisu using angel-foodcake. You also need some leftover espesso coffee (good coffee) which you wet the cake with, then layer it with something creamy (and preferably low-fat). Maybe whip up some low-fat cream cheese with more coffee to break it down a little. Using cake instead of sponge biscuits means you don't break the cream cheese down too much. And don't forget to sprinkle soemthing chocolatey in there somewhere. You want enough to give flavour but not enough to pile on the calories.

    But for a recipe I can guarantee is healthy and tastes great - tsaziki. It's a savory cucumber-garlic-yogurt dip. Fabulous in hot weather, but we eat it any time of the year.

    To make it - grate or finely chop (do NOT use a food processor!) lebanese or telegraph cucumber (peel and all). Stir through equal volume of a good Greek-style yogurt (plain). Add salt to taste, several crushed cloves of garlic (it should be strongly garlic-flavoured) and either some finely chopped dill or finely chopped mint (or both). Some also add a splash of vinegar. Traditionally served with chunks of dry bread or Turkish bread, but you can also serve it with vegetable sticks (carrot, celery) or as a side with leftover burger patties (which I freeze, incidentally, to make instant microwaved burgers as good as the originals), or meatballs, or lamb chops, or just about any meat.

    Just picture yourself with a Greek mezze plate, sitting in the summer evening in the taverna under the grape vines, drinking thick Greek coffee and eating a plate of olives, chunks of feta cheese, pieces of bread or vegetable sticks with taramasalata and tsaziki. Maybe a cucumber and tomato salad to follow. Snacking sliding into dinner, but all very healthy for a diet.

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    I made these Oven Fried Chicken Chimichangas this week and they were really good. Not super low calorie as written but if you have a hankering for Mexican food you could do a lot worse plus they were very filling. Could substitute reduced fat cheese and a smaller tortilla and add peppers if you like.
  13. Nomad

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    Can someone PLEASE give me their easy microwave salmon recipe (s) again??? :mad: I lost mine...and recall it was easy, delicious and low cal/points. Thanks.
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    husband loves high-fat stuff, and he has sky-high cholesterol so I have adjusted a lot of my recipes so he thinks he's getting his stuff...

    This one looks complicated but it's not as bad as it looks. The kids love it. husband loves it. I'm happy.
    Pasta Casserole
    Brown 1-2 lbs. of ground turkey in a little bit of olive oil with about a tablespoon of minced garlic, some chopped onion, and if you can find it Italian seasoning (I make my own from rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley & red pepper)
    Cook 1 box (16 oz.) of shaped pasta (the shape doesn't matter) & drain
    Spray olive oil cooking spray thinly on the bottom only of a big glass casserole dish
    Spread pasta in dish
    Spread turkey on top of pasta
    Take one package Neufchatel cheese (like cream cheese, only lower fat) and put chunks randomly on top of the meat
    Pour 1 large jar red pasta sauce over the whole thing (you may need more than 1 jar depending on how much stuff you have here)
    Sprinkle 1 cup extra-low-fat mozzarella cheese on top
    Bake at 400 (F, I don't know C) until the cheese melts

    ...And serve!

    Homemade applesauce - no sugar added
    Section a bunch of mushy or bruised apples, throw away cores (Galas, Jonathans and Granny Smiths are best)
    Chop or food-process the apple pieces (I use the grating attachment)
    Throw them with some ground cinnamon and a couple pints of water into a big stock pot and simmer till the apples disintegrate and the consistency's about right (this takes forever but the house smells wonderful, I'd say 5-6 hours) - add water as necessary to keep it going
    Pour into clean jars & seal

    I use the applesauce in place of vegetable oil in cakes. I also use lowfat sour cream in a lot of stuff.

    The kids don't like turkey burgers, but they don't notice the difference if they're not told...