Heard from J today...surprise!!


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We haven't heard from J in many weeks, so it was a bit surprising that he actually called me on Mother's Day. I was shocked!!

The story gets more interesting... :nonono:

First of all, he was messed up. I think he was drunk...not drugging. He wished me Happy Mother's Day, which was a surprise. NEVER has he done that.

Then he proceeds to tell me that he is living with a 'girl' that he is totally in love with. He talks about how much in love he is and that he has never been in love so it feels so good. She has two kids...17 and 19. :smile: She is 45. He's 24. (I'm 46.)

He went on and on about how he bought her four cards, flowers, balloons, etc., for Mother's Day. He wouldn't let her get out of bed...it was HER day and he is cooking and cleaning.

He said she's a 'Mexican' lady and knows how to take care of him and keeps him straight. I could care less about the nationality, but thought it was interesting that he brought that up. He moved in with her two weeks ago and is loving life. They want to have a child. :hammer:

Well, stranger things have happened. Whatever floats your boat!!

He says he's working 12 hour days, making lots of overtime...yet he lost his wallet yesterday with all his new cards (SSI, state ID, ATM) in it. He doesn't remember where he was in order to find it. Hmmm....

It was nice to hear from him. Said the last 10 years of his life are over and he's moving forward. Honestly, I don't care who it is with as long as he keeps on the straight and narrow. Every digit crossed at this point.



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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Well....guess this is an improvement? At least he found a roof to sleep under and is employed....baby steps....

You won't be looking for him on your doorstep....

I try desperately to look on the good side of things....</span>

:faint: :hammer:


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J called you :faint:!

J wished you a HMD :faint: !

I agree, Abbey. If this lady inspires him to make something of his life, then great!

Fingers crossed......and....



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If I could get those little emoticons to work I'd be shaking my head. Wowie, wowie.

Glad he called, glad things are working out. Fingers crossed that it lasts.

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Hi Abbey,

I'm happy to hear that J called you and even happier that he wished you a happy mother's day. Sounds like maybe he'll follow the straight and narrow now???? Hope so!!

Love ya,

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Sounds like maybe this older woman can teach him some life lessons. I can't say anything about the age. husband is 16 yrs my senior. lol

I'm glad he called you for Mother's Day.



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I'm so glad you heard from him and you never know, maybe this will be what he needs to change his life.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Abbey</div><div class="ubbcode-body">yet he lost his wallet yesterday with all his new cards (SSI, state ID, ATM) in it.</div></div>

ant doesnt drug anymore but is drunk every night. he is looking for a woman to take care of him. I always knew that. he cannot be alone. he works all anyone wants too. so there is some progress.

funny how their lives parallel at times. you may have read my post wherein ant was robbed of his wallet containing his SS card, state ID, atm, pin number, 400.00 etc. I told him he had to figure out how to get this stuff taken care of. amazingly he went to the bank and got that straight, and got someone to drive him to get a new photo ID. the SS card is up to him too.

I am glad J hated his last 10 yrs enough to try a new path. I am glad he remembered you. it is a start.


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Good to hear from him but exhausting to hear the rest, I imagine.

Oh how I yearn for the simpilar days, oh when I was little. I think our world could handle a few yrs of that.



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Abbey that's great news!

Maybe he is ready to change and have a life.

I know you wish she wasn't one yr your jr, but hey, I would take what ever comes if he is seeing the light.


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Hmmmmmmmmmm..........ugh........er........huh??....geez louise.

That about says it all, my friend. Sending hugs. DDD


Well Abbey that is quite a surprise. Hope he can move forward...
Is he living around you?? You just have to wonder somedays, er most days.
J is still round here, he had a baby awhile back so far so good in that he is taking a huge part in caring for her.
I think he will always make me nervous though.
Abbey, I'm sure that was the last thing you expected.

You do hear stories like that though, where the good woman turns the man around.

Maybe J needed someone older and wise enough not to put up with any baloney?

I hope they can make it work.

You just never know what is coming next with our kids, do you!