Heavy metal toxicity & damaged gut...thoughts?


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I've been reading about mercury in vaccinations, heavy metals, free radicals, and intestinal damage due to diet and yeast overgrowth. In my reading I've seen the connection to ADHD, Austism, and other illnesses that are in our children. I'm thinking of looking into difficult child being analysed for these things. I've seen signs and symptoms in difficult child that lead me to think he has a yeast overgrowth, and there's a breath test to confirm that (I read). I'm also thinking of looking into mercury poisoning due to his ECH shots. Have any of you done any testing on your difficult child's for these things? What was your experience like? And, has any difficult child been through the IV Chelation treatment? I've read remarkable improvements in children with Austism, to where it even cured them. I'm just finding it difficult for me to NOT look into these things (if it can help), instead of pumping him with medications to cover-up symptoms.


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No, I've certainly heard of it and think there is some validity... especially since that rep't that said 1 in 150 kids are in the autism spectrum. We've found some kind of mouth spray (it looks like breath spray) that is supposed to help remove heavy metals, and there are supplements you can take, too. One is simply called "Greens." I personally don't like it because it causes diarrhea. It's supposed to initially until your system gets used to it.
I only know one person who used chelation therapy yrs ago and she loved it, said it saved her life.

I would check around thoroughly b4 being tested to make sure they are reputable and on-par with-their prices.


yes yeast is evil and is the main reason Woman should not drink beer, it's like a yeast infection in a bottle!


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From what I've seen in our autism group, the kids who are doing those treatments and those who aren't seem indistinguishable. The kids who seem to do the best get the best school and community interventions. My son is one of the highest functioning kids in the entire group (there are about 100 kids of all severities--about half tried treatments and diet). We didn't try them because son steadily improved, he's not on medications, and I frankly don't think that's the key to autism, nor do I believe there is a cure. Some kids greatly improve with help, regardless of diet or treatments. That's just how autism is. If you met my son you wouldn't know he was autistic, yet at two he was very obvious. If he were doing treatments I'd probably be touting them as the cause of his improvement. If you feel they will help, go for it. You may want to post on the "alternative treatment" board.


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I've heard of the yeast overgrowth and because difficult child 2 had diarrhea for a year that started with antibiotics I had the pediatrician check for it. I collected a stool sample and gave it to the lab. There wasn't a yeast overgrowth.

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The April Discovery magazine had an article on this that I found intriguing.

Wish I had the ins. or the $$ to pursue it...

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