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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 1 came home at lunch today feeling sick to his stomach (again)... it's the GI/Crohn's issues again. :( I put him back on the Miralax today as it tends to thin things out and he's been off it nearly a week. So I'm a little anxious to see where this is headed.

    difficult child 2 has been acting scattered and hyper the last two days and is telling me his head is buzzing a little again. Great. We're waiting for a lab slip to get his Depakote levels checked again since it's now 7 weeks since we bumped it up. Now it's looking like he may need another increase. :( But won't know for sure until the labs are done.

    Ugh. This is NOT how I envisioned this year starting out. :mad:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    I think the stress levels are equal between parents of difficult children and difficult children this time of year! It explains a lot....

    Sounds like both of yours have medication issues that add to the beginning of the school year stress. Sorry. It's never easy is it?

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    {{{Hugs}}} You have my sympathies. Is difficult child 1 feeling stressed about school as well as his GI problems? I know he has a pretty grueling schedule. And I really hope difficult child 2's medications getting straightened out so he can settle in. Have there been any problems at school?

    This year is a lot different than last year for us... she fell apart on the first day of school and let's just say that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Duckie back together again until mid-October. We just finished day 4 of school, 2 math homework assignments, a collage about Duckie's interests, 6 days of cheer leading, started swimming lessons again and went to a major festival/carnival. Duckie is holding up so far but I can see the cracks in her demeanor.
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    What's his diet been like? I have to be on a low-fibre/low-residue diet due to intestinal strictures.

    I don't have Chron's, but I am walking proof that endometriosis in rare cases can be life threatening (I nearly died of an obstruction and peritonitis a few years ago) I'm short a bit of intestine as a result.

    I haven't had to take Miralax very often, but I know that if I get stressed out I wind up not eating right and not getting enough fluids.

    Could it be a combination of stress and the Chron's
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    LDM, nope it never does seem easy at times like this.

    TM, I'm not aware of any problems at school yet for either of them. But then, I've been blindsided before!

    GN, we keep his diet pretty low fiber when he feels this way, but he really needs to make sure he gets enough fluids, and that may be part of the problem -- he had a very busy weekend, including a soccer game. I may need to set aside premeasured beverages to ensure he drinks enough during the day. He's the type of kid who just doesn't think about eating or drinking until he's REALLY hungry and thirsty.

    difficult child 2 could not finish one of his social studies assignments tonight, so I called the teacher and left a message. It was a very challenging assignment as it was -- LOTS of places to label on a world map and not very much room to write, which is doubly challenging because of his fine motor issues and the Depakote tremor. I let her know that this was hard and that I called it quits at 9pm after more than 90 minutes of working on it.

    I also called his Critical Skills teacher to "check in" (translation: what the heck is going on in this class besides the kids playing games every day?) and see how he's doing. I expected him to work on homework for a bit during this time, but it's not happening at all.

    And I am just dog tired today after getting up at 5:15 to pre-medicate difficult child 1. I can't go back to sleep, no matter how I try. And then I'm driving kids from 6:30am (if difficult child 1 needs a ride) until 9am when I drop off the last kid. I had errands to run after that so I didn't get a nap in, until after everyone was home, and then 10 minutes after I dozed off, the doorbell rang with a special delivery of medications for difficult child 1. By then it was time for homework and starting dinner and... husband is nuts if he thinks I can manage all this AND go back to work! If he says anything again I'm just gonna laugh my head off!
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    Let the good times roll.....

    I hope it levels out soon. You must be exhausted. And husband? Well, next time he mentions you and a job....just tell him that he has to sleep *sometime*. And he might want to practice doing so with one eye open. :devil: