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    I wanted to introduce myself in case anyone sees me lurking. :) I have been married to husband for 11 yrs, we have a 9 y/o son and a 3 y/o son. We are in the very beginning stages of having our oldest DS evaluated for what we believe is ADHD and possibly ODD. As my username implies I am currently clinging to hope that there is help for DS, we are at our wits end and lost as to where to turn next. Anyway, I hope noone minds me lurking, I am just hoping I can hang in there long enough to make the 1st appointment!!

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    Hi there. Lurk away, but you can also post.
    I would not, as parents, try to diagnose him. A lot of things look like ADHD, but really are not. I wouldn't go in and say, "This is what we think is wrong." You could be way off. What kind of professional will be doing the evaluating? I also recommend NeuroPsychs. What kind of behavior do you see? Any psychiatric problems on either side of the family tree? Did your child have any delays in speech, eye contact, social skills...anything? Welcome!
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    Thank you for the welcome and input.

    What kind of professional will be doing the evaluating? We are starting with his pediatrician.

    What kind of behavior do you see? He exhibits 99% of the ADHD symptoms pretty much all the time (forgetfulness, nonstop talking, restless, absolutely NO concentration esp if there are distractions, ie brother, other students, noises, etc etc). As well as being very defiant when told to do something, threating to hit his brother, he has hurt himself (scratching himself leaving scars), has tried to physically fight me using a belt, threatens to run away, throwing major temper tantrums when disciplined, screaming at the top of his lungs when disciplined and the list goes on for both.

    Any psychiatric problems on either side of the family tree? ?? Not that I know of...

    Did your child have any delays in speech, eye contact, social skills...anything? He has trouble making friends.
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    You've found a great place to learn from others who are in similar situations. I hope you are able to find helpful information as your read through the posts. Also, please don't hesitate to post when you need some particular insight, opinions, or just want to vent abpout a situation you are facing to someone who gets it.

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    Welcome to the board. You will recieve great insight and support from the members of this forum. Reaching out will help you immensely to understand what is going on with your son, by either lurking or actually posting:D.
    Do you have an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist for your child?
    Good luck to you and others will follow.
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    Ick! A 9 year old! I'm ready to run screaming into the night too!

    You're doing the right thing getting him evaluated. MidWest Mom asked some good questions and is 100% right about not giving them a name for what you think is wrong.

    I'd suggest a neuropsychologist evaluation. It's done by a neuropsychologist that administers all types of testing. You can usually get one via a University Hospital or Childrens hospital.

    Don't dispair! We're here - don't just lurk, join in the fun (make sure you check out the watercooler - we have some real laughs, cries and indignation parties that go on!). If something is on your mind, jot it down, give it a little time and you'll get some invaluable insights.

    Welcome to the crowd!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome ladies! I have replied to MidwestMoms questions however my posts have to be approved first so I am not sure when it will all show up! LOL :)
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    Sounds an awful lot like my 10 year old. You don't have to have a label to start reading up on parenting techniques that will help you calm the waters. Try Parenting with Love and Logic (LoveandLogic.com lots of free reading on their website) I am new here too and have gotten loads of great info from the people here. I can't stress enough that you need to be informed and be an advocate for your child. The old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is no longer true. You have to know what services are available to your child and expect that they will be provided. You know your child better than anyone else. Read advice from others here, they have been through this. I am in awe of their wisdom and patience. Have a wonderful day,
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    Thank you Rhonda and I will def be checking into that website! I need help for my sanity now, not in a month when they can get us an appointment!! ACK!