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    I look like an alien!!! Ever since I started my diet I have become obsessed with my face, wrinkles, saggy skin and so forth. I bought RocRetinol, an anti-aging cream. The packaging said that at first it will cause redness but after a few days that should subside. I used it for about a week. The redness never went away. I stopped using it and bought a Neutrogena face bar to wash my face with. It is supposed to be good for the skin. I used it twice, I now look even worse. My entire face is bright red, blotchy and full of bumps. I look horrendous!!! My face is burning and completely raw!!! It is now 6 am and I have been up all night, I have court in 3 hours and I do not want to leave my house like this!!! On top of the redness I now have bags under my eyes as I have not slept. HELP!!!

    Here I am thinking that I am doing something good for my skin and I look worse than ever. I thought the Neutrogena would be good for my skin and it made me break out more than the darn Retinol cream. Anyone have any ideas what to use on ultra-sensitive skin??? What can I do to rectify this? And what on earth can I buy to cleanse my face with?

    I am horrified. I have to go to Family Court looking like this!!! I thought maybe I had an allergic reaction so I put topical Benadryl on my face, did nothing but burn like a son of a b***h!!!

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

    Shawna :bloodshot:
  2. TerryJ2

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    Aw, Bran, I am so sorry!

    One of the reasons Neutrogena is so popular is simply because it has no perfume or dye.
    Read the rest of the ingredients. There is clearly something in it you are allergic to. It could be something that is harmless to other people. I had a client once who was allergic to apples!

    In the meantime, you still have to go through the day looking like that. How about taking some Claritin? Benadryl will probably put you to sleep but Claritin or a knock-off may help.

    I would leave your face alone for a few days. Not even regular soap. If you wash your hair, the shampoo is going to wash over your face so you can get clean by the trickle-down effect. :)

    Good luck! I feel for you~~~
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    I'm sorry that the face cleansers made you break out. Burning face is SUCH a horrible feeling, especially if it's red and makes you feel self conscious.

    I agree with Terry that you should put nothing on your face except warm water until the rash subsides. If you feel grubby, wet a soft washcloth with warm water and then pat (don't scrub) your face very gently. The natural oils in your skin will help your face heal, but you have to give them a chance to work.

    I have ultra sensitive skin, and have reactions like the one you're describing to most products on the market. Neutrogena makes me break out in a nasty scabby rash.

    For face cleanser, I use either Cetaphil or Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Very gentle, and both leave my skin clean without stripping away the moisture. Since I can't use moisturizing creams on my face (same scabby rash), this is important.

    Hope your face feels better soon, and hope these hints are helpful.

    Sending many hugs,
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    I was going to say the same exact thing, get some benadryl. that should relieve it and cold water or green tea soaked in a washcloth as well.

    than a few tips to help skin that works for me is cucumbers for the eyes daily or green tea bags to relieve puffiness and exhaustion. tomatoe juice works well to reduce pore size i find. just put it on face like a mask. massaging your face sounds weird but it's good also helps retain it's elasticity.

    just a few things i've tried that seem to work. also neutrogena does same thing to me i'Tourette's Syndrome too harsh for me also.

    i hope your face calms soon.
  5. Jena

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    also you know what i use now, noxema. i tried the stuff at drugstore, i've tried the expensive stuff i can't afford lol. noxema does the trick, than witch hazel in the summer to reduce oil. i have combo skin.
  6. Hound dog

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    noxema is great stuff. :D

    But don't use it now!!! You're skin needs a break. Claritin or Zertec over the counter, neither will put you to sleep but may help with the symptoms.

    I have the same reaction to nearly all facial cleansers. I discovered it in my younger days. Went to school looking like a beet for several days. ugh

    There is a good one that husband company makes. Biore doesn't make me do that, and it's great stuff. Lucky for me as husband gets it for free from the co. lol

    No soap, no washing til it goes away. (like scratching hives, only makes it worse)

  7. bran155

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    Thank you guys for all of the advice. I was thinking Noxema as well. I remember my mom using it daily when I was a kid. I just hate the way it smells!! lol I was also thinking something in the Johnson's baby line, if it is gentle enough for a baby's bottom than it should be okay for my face. lol Biore, ahhh, didn't think of that one. I will try that too.

    In the meantime I will just leave well enough alone and wait to heal. My face feels like sandpaper and it is tight, it hurts! I have been using warm cloths to sooth it.

    I guess I shouldn't try any other "miracle" aging stuff then, hu??? :( I will do the cucumbers and tomato juice though!!! It's worth a try.

    Darn, I just ordered a free trial of "face lift in a bottle", it was featured on Oprah with Dr. Oz. It is supposed to be really good with no side effects. It does not contain Retinol. It's called "Liftsp". Ever heard of it???

    I don't want to get old!!!! I am seeing new wrinkles and lines daily!!! :(
  8. hearts and roses

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    Like the others have said, don't use anything but warm water on your face for a few days. Aveeno makes some very gentle cleansers - once your skin has settled down.

    Along with benadryl or zyrtec (those will work faster and better than claritin in allergic cases such as this), you can also use, VERY little, Hyrdocortizone cream (NOT the ointment) in 1%. Just a bit will help your skin lose some of the puffiness and redness. At first it may sting a little because your skin is so raw, but then it won't.

    As a home rememdy for upset skin, you can make a batch of old fashioned oatmeal and then with a bunch of cotton balls, dip into that gooey creamy stuff on top of the oatmeal and apply it to your face. It's soothing (unless you're celiac!) and calms the skin, will take away the redness.

    I recently read an article about how women are using more and more harsh chemicals on their faces to avoid wrinkles and the like, but what they should be doing is using more gentler cleansers, such as those for a baby. So, your idea about trying the Johnson's baby cleanser is very practical. That was one of the lines listed. Good luck!
  9. susiestar

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    neutrogena bar soaps are not as gentle as everyone thinks.

    I strongly recommend some cetaphil skin cleanser (or the WalGreens version) or Dove Sensitive Skin soap. Every dermatologist I have ever seen has spoken strongly against the neutrogena soap and said those two are much better.

    the cetaphil cleanser can be tissued off or rinsed off, depending on how dry your skin is. I can't stand the feel of the residue, so I rinse it off. It is very moisturizing.

    I am so sorry you are hurting. I would try aloe vera gel straight from the plant. Most commercial aloe gels have alcohol in them (even the after tan or sunburn ones!) and they BURN. But if you or a friend has an aloe plant, just break off a leaf and squeeze out the goo.
  10. bran155

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    You should have seen how ridiculous I looked today. I had to go to court this morning and did not want to leave my house looking like a tomato. I put so much make up on to cover the redness up, I looked like the before in a make over shot!!! I noticed that the cover up only enhanced the wrinkles!!! As soon as I got home I cleaned my face with a soft wash cloth and warm water. So now I will stay inside until this rash subsides. I am going to try the Benadryl or Claritan tonight before I attempt to sleep.

    I don't know why, all of a sudden I have become completely obsessed with aging. Ever since I started my diet! (I have lost 10 pounds by the way) I also think it's because my husband is 7 years younger than me. I am starting to feel old and it is scary.

    Thanks again. :)
  11. flutterbee

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    I was going to suggest Cetaphil, too. It was recommended to me by my doctor.

    It sounds like you might have gotten a chemical burn from the product. I had that happen with a makeup remover once.

  12. rejectedmom

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    Wait until you heal before trying the tomatoe juice the acid in it will burn you more. Uses aloe or olive oil to help the healing. Once healed I use Aveeno on my very sensitive and allergic skin or very dilute 100% pure olive oil castile soap . -RM
  13. everywoman

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    I broke out once like that from Clinique. It was awful!!! It was New Years Eve and I had a big party to attend. Luckily a friend of mine in Mary Kay came to my rescue.

    I love Noxema---my grandmother used it twice a day, every day. And when she died at 75 she still had the most beautiful skin. Instead of a picture in the funeral home, we decided to put a jar of noxema. Those in the know understood.
  14. bran155

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    Thanks all. I feel worse than ever today. My skin has a dry flaky coat, it feels as though I put elmers glue all over it!! It stings and burns and boy is it tight!!! I am going to CVS to buy Cetaphil facial wash and moisturizer. I am also going to buy Noxema!! I can't wait to get back to normal.

    I guess I'll give up on the anti-aging stuff for a while. I am afraid to try anything else!!!

    Thanks again for all of the advice. :)
  15. tiredmommy

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    Have you tried Ponds cold creme? I think it's even more gentle than Noxema. But please don't do anything more to your face until the redness goes down! There's plenty of time to remove the dead skin after you have healed. I know it looks yucky right now but you will just make it worse!
  16. svengandhi

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    My suggestion is to see a dermatologist. You might have rosacea, which I have.

    I have used Cetaphil on my skin ever since my 12 year old was diagnosed with eczema as an infant and it was recommended for him. I will be 50 soon and have no wrinkles though as I lose weight I may get some. I use sunscreen daily because of my rosacea. My mom is almost 80 and also has great skin. She has used Avon products for over 40 years. I also used to use Avon and am going back to it now that a relative has become a rep.

    My skin is very sensitive too and I have used Avon Anew in the past with good results. I found Neutragena too drying for my skin.

    Good luck.
  17. susiestar

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    DO NOT USE NOXEMA UNTIL THE REDNESS GOES AWAY!! Noxema has either camphor or menthol in it - it gives it that smell. It will burn your already injured skin like there is no tomorrow!

    Noxema is a decent product, but PLEASE wait to use it. Cetaphil won't damage your skin any more. You might also want to try Aquaphor once the heat from the acid burn goes away. IF your skin is still burning, try mixing Milk of Magnesia or Maalox with Cornstarch. It is the best thing for an acid burn. We did that for diaper rash when it was caused by acid, and I have found it works on other acid burns also.

    I hope you feel better in a week or so.
  18. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    I agree, stay away from Noxema until you have healed. It is way too strong. I can't recall if it has camphor or menthol or both, but you're not ready for it yet.
    I like the idea of Vit E and aloe.
    And the idea that maybe you do need to see a dermatologist.
    Do you see any signs of healing, underneath the flaking? It will be tight, but it should be pink, with-no oozing.
  19. bran155

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    Thanks so much guys for all of the suggestions. I didn't get the Noxema, I bought Cetaphil Moisterizer and the facial cleanser. It really worked. My skin feels much softer and a lot less dry. I also bought Olay scrub wash, the expholiant. I used that this morning to get rid of some of the flakes. My skin is much smoother and feels wonderful, I even have a glow! It is still a little red but not raw anymore.

    When I completely heal I will start either the Olay night cream or the Avon night cream. I also have Avons eye cream. I am not sure which one will work better. I will try the Olay for a while then if I don't see results I will try the Avon. I am totally and completely obsessed with aging all of a sudden. Literally all of a sudden. Only in the past 2 weeks have I been panicking!!!

    I think it's because I am losing weight and I know that my face will sag a bit. Now that I am trying to take care of myself again, and I will be turning 40 in Dec., I am like a freak!!! I am constantly googling anti-aging creams. My husband thinks I'm nuts!!! I read in a magazine that Eva Longoria uses some sort of Plancenta face cream for wrinkles and I of course want to order it!!! It's $100!!! I don't think my husband is going to go for that!!!

    Thank you all so much for sharing all of your skin care regimes with me. I will let you know when I start to look 21 again!!! LOL Okay, a girl can dream can't she??? :)
  20. tiredmommy

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    Bran... listen to your friend TM now.

    I think it is admirable that you want to treat your body well and take care of yourself better. Losing some weight, eating well and more exercise is something most of us should do. Developing good habits is always a good idea, just don't make yourself crazy.

    Here's what you need to do to avoid wrinkles:
    -Drink plenty of water
    -Use a good moisturizer day & night
    -Don't smoke
    -Avoid sun exposure and use an SPF of at least 15 in your daytime moisturizer
    -Exercise and eat properly
    -Get enough sleep and find ways to relax
    -And most importantly... remember laugh lines don't count!