HELP**IEP Not followed again.


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Hi all. My son's IEP was not followed again. He is suppose to have an escort back to the classroom from the resouce room. He got lost for about 5 minutes (according to their report). I know they need to follow it, but I think I could have handled it better. I emailed the Principal, the district head of ed, and my advocate. The advocate called the principal, and reminded her this is the 3rd time this semester the IEP wasn't implemented. I should have just spoken with the Special Education teacher, and asked how can I help? But instead I got gotten all carried away. Does anyone else make mistakes like these??? What will work better next time?


Why do you think you made a mistake? This was the 3rd time the IEP wasn't implemented, not the 1st. Sometimes the principal needs to know what is going on in her school to make necessary changes.


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We were making such progress and coming together as a team. I feel like i jumped the gun. The Special Education teacher already said she would walk him back, I feel like I should have kept the team together better if I didn't tattle on them.


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It's a delicate balancing act. Don't rag on yourself for being human. Second guessing can be helpful later but you acted from
your heart. No reason to apologize to anyone. DDD


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I would tell her that you want very much to work as a team, and that you were upset due to the fact that it was the third time it was not followed. You understand that at times she might be busy, but it worries you when your child gets lost for five min. when he should have had an escort. I think that it is good that others know what is happening and that it was not kept a secret.