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    can someone please help me ?i just dont know what to do.i have a soon to be 15 yr old son.first off they were classifing him with adhd.the other night he threw another one of his anger fits and took off on hisfourwheeler and we couldnt find we had to call the police to help find him.this is not the first time i have had to call them because of his anger.his 16 yr old sister has called them on him also,fo punching her in the face 5 x's and trying to hit her with a cane.i almost got hit with it tring to take it away. he is cruel to his 8 yr old sister and has kicked her in the back with steel toed boots and etc.and this is what types of things i have been tring to deal with ,i cant even take a bath unless hes not here!personally i think alot of it comes from his real dad who was abusive towards me in his presence when he was young and his so called dad would call him stupid and thats when all the trouble began he even started doing bad in school and now he is at a 4th grade reading level ,i think he refuses to try because where his dad would say those things. but now where i called ...the police gave me a choice of either sending him to juvi or calling a crisis worker that has now admitted him to a mental facility against my wishes .(i fear it will make him worse.)and now they are tring to tell me he is borderline m.r.
    and has oppoisitional defiant disorder, and a mood disorder i can understand the mood disorder and the defiant disorder but why after all these years are they telling me he is borderline mr?this child could do things earlier than both his sisters and now he wont even try to do his work and when he will it is at a lower level where he is so behind.they tried him on trileptal and for the first time in years he hugged me for no reason and didnt seem so angry,but when they upped the medications he got sick to his stomache and got dizzy and they said they couldnt lower it (he hasnt been eating since being there until i bring him something (every day)and the doctor refuses to believe this would cause the medications to make him sick (which myself if i dont eat when i take medications it makes me deathly sick)and now want to try him on depakote and the facilty he is at where he was involuntarly commited my hands are tied.i cannot get him home after they told me he would be home this friday and now its almost christmas! i know my son needs help i just think they are over medicating him .i am on the same medicine depakote and i take 500 mg a day ,and they have got him taking 600 mg twice daily.he looks like he is doped up to me .i have no one or no where to turn.
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    Hi Jessica - welcome. I'm sneaking a peak at work, but will ask a moderator to move this over to the "general" forum where you will receive a warm welcome and I'm sure some understanding, supportive shoulders, and some helpful advice.