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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by cokecankoozie, May 3, 2011.

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    I am new here. My son is 3 and was diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism (HFA) about 3 months ago. Lately he has been having anger issues and being defiant over every little thing. I am starting to wonder that his meltdowns are more to do with ODD than autism. How did you know? What works best to calm your child down?
    Also, in reading the forums, I've noticed "easy child" and "difficult child". Can someone explain what that means?
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    For definitions, look under "site help and resources" on the top Forums page...

    Generally, ODD is a "non-diagnosis" as in, it describes behavior but doesn't really tell us anything else. Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, depression, bi-polar... those are diagnoses that imply certain ranges of expectations and behaviors... so, if someone is already seeing this child as being somewhere on the autism spectrum, that would override ODD hands-down.

    Have you seen the book list on "site help and resources"? "The Explosive Child" seems to be popular, and makes some sense depending on your situation. There's other books out there that are specific to other diagnoses also...

    Hang in there...
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    His meltdowns are probably due to autistim. Autistic kids have a very low threshold for frustration and it is not their faults. They are wired differently than other kids and "normal" discipline does not work well on them. Is your son getting any interventions for the autism? Are you getting any help on how to live with him and understand him better?

    I found that, when my son was still a toddler and still had meltdowns, the best way to deal with him was to put him in a quiet place without anything he could hurt himself on and let it play out until he was done. Sometimes I would talk gently to him. Sometimes that made it worse, but acting out, yelling, or spanking (which I only tried once) made things worse. I also altered my expectations of his behavior and, when he had to transition from one activity to another, would warn him way in advance and keep giving him warnings..."Sonic, dinner is in ten minutes." "Sonic, dinner is in five minutes." "Sonic, dinner is in two minutes." I also avoided taking him to overstimulating places such as shopping malls. The high sensory fallout at places like that would overwhelm him, which was not his fault. I would wait until hub got home to go.

    I agree that ODD is pretty useless as a diagnosis.
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    I agree with MWM... most likely the High-Functioning Autism (HFA). Has he been identified by the school district for services yet? It sounds like he's needing some interventions.
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    Just adding in my welcome. It does sound like it is probably the Autism.
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    Curious why is ODD a useless diagnosis? My son was diagnosis with ODD and ADHD and it explains alot of why he is so defiant. I really do believe that in the past 5 years they have diagnosis way to many children with autism. I use to work with a child that they claimed had autism, and now that I know more about ODD I truly believe he has ODD and not Autism, because Autism regardless of what they are on the spectrum does has a hard time when over stimulated, but this child loved malls, mcdonalds play land, circus, laser tag, roller skating parties, arcades you name it the louder and more people the better... I have never met a child with "autism" that could go to places like that, he could make eye contact, he loved to be hugged and cuddled there are so many things that dont add up to autism, but totally line right up with ODD. Now this child gets aide from the state, gets respite care, and CLS hours cuz the dr labeled him with autism, I do believe it is a total waste of state money when there are children that really truly need help can not get it... I have less problems with that child then I do my own child and I can barely get a medicine covered for him.
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    Who diagnosed him with High-Functioning Autism (HFA)? There must have been a reason. Were you told why?

    Other than that, ODD does not usually stand alone. All of our kids meet the criteria for ODD. The problem is, there is almost always an underlying problem CAUSING the ODD. Even Dr. Chandler, who wrote the Chandler Papers (he is an expert in ODD) states that it rarely stands alone. So to diagnose it as a stand alone diagnosis is in my opinion pretty pointless. All it means is the child is defiant. Yes, but why???

    My son could also handle high stimulus places once he was a little older. However, it could be that your son was misdiagnosed. Have you taken him to a neuropsychologist? Has he ever been on any medication? Did it help?
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    Why is ODD a "useless" diagnosis?
    Well, didn't quite call it "useless", but... there's all sorts of OTHER things that can easily be dumpted into ODD, but the other diagnosis possibilities would give a far more concise picture.

    If it really is ODD, then it really is NOT a diagnosis... as in, nothing wrong with the kid, "just parenting issues". Trust me - no one I've run into on this site really wants to go down THAT road and/or has been down it more than once too often already. Unless the "other possibilities" have been ruled out, who knows what lurks under the surface.

    I'd suggest getting "The Explosive Child". No matter what the diagnosis, stuff in that book seems to make sense. Its not about the diagnosis, its about unmet needs, and how to find them; things that work and don't work, etc.