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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, May 7, 2008.

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    Try to make this short. Just looking for a bit of advice. Son got arrested last November, 2 other kids were involved. 1 of them denied it and somehow he got off. There is a rumor going around that he, along with some of his buddies want to jump my son up for "snitching" on him. What the heck he didn't even get in trouble. Anyway - he will be 18 end of this month my son is only 15. I know my son could take him one on one that I am not worried about. Of course I don't want him to fight period but what I am worried about is my son getting into more trouble. He will be off probation the beginning of June, but his adjudication was withheld which means he basically can't get into trouble until he is 19 or he will be charged with a felony for his November arrest.

    Even if this other kid starts it my son can still get into trouble. I have told my son just to walk away, but being a 15 year old boy do you really think he is going to do that? Plus I do expect him to defend himself if needed. I don't want to make my sons life a living he** at school or around the neighborhood. Someone suggest I take out a restraining order, someone else suggested I talk to his probation officer and see what he says.

    I know I can't protect him from everything and he has to make his own decisions but I want to help where I can.

    What would you guys do?

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    I agree with talking to the PO. I'm sure they've had experience with situations like this and hopefully they will know what to do.

    So sorry the anxiety from this situation lingers... I'll bet you'd give anything for your lives to just get on with it!

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    Talk to the PO. See what he/she thinks about getting a restraining order.

    You are right, he needs to be able to defend himself in life, but this situation is different. There is already a threat, and if something happens, your son could be in trouble for it. If you talk to the PO and are proactive about it, then if something does happen, you will have covered your proverbial behind.

    Hopefully, in time that older kid will figure that picking a fight is not worth the trouble that he could get into...
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    Thanks, and yes I so want all this to go away and be behind us.

    I called his PO and he assured me if son does not start it and is defending himself, even if he gets suspended from school he will not drag him back before the judge. Even if it's in the neighborhood as long as son is not over at that kids house or around his house and it happens he will not be back in court.

    Phew.... I feel better.
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    Did he offer any advice on how to AVOID it in the first place?
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    PO said to tell son to walk away from verbal junk and of course not hang around this kid. Since son is now on different bus and in different grade they don't run into each other as often at school but I think coming back from lunch they pass each other. Other kid did "run into" my son the other day, son kept walking - good for him.

    PO also said for son not to be around this kids house or in the area where he lives. Not too much of a problem. He does live in the same neighborhood but quite a few streets from us. I have seen him riding his bike passing in front of our house. I had also been concerned about that kids parents pressing charges if my son hurt him - and he would hurt him - PO said parents would have a hard time pressing charges if this kid was in our area and starts something.

    I just hope all this dies down and we can just get on with our life. I am going to tell my son what PO said. I know my son would never admit to be afraid but if rumor was going around that a kid and his buddies were going to get me it would make me look over my shoulder constantly. It's not fair for him to have to live like that, he has done everything he can to complete his probation and all the court has ask of him. This needs to be over.