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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by happymomof2, Dec 12, 2007.

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    We have a golden opportunity here for my son to do very well on his mid term exams. He is taking them while at home. I am checking behind him now (wasn't - silly me - posted about that in general). I am trying to help him with science at the moment and it's driving me nuts.

    Okay so I was far from an A student in school. But I am smart enough to know you read a chapter and then you should be able to find the answers to questions in the chapter. I have read 2 chapters and still can't find the answers to a few of the questions. Maybe it's just been too long since I have been out of school. I tried to google and I will google more. Wish there were a site where parents could go and type in a question and get the answer. Of course all the kids would figure that one out and cheat on there homework all the time.

    And we won't even talk about his math - I was never very good at that subject.

    Any ideas??
  2. Sheila

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    Sorry, don't have a clue.
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    try going to you just ask a question, must be in the form of a question and you get answers...
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    Hi! Ask Dr. (you'll have to google it!). In NYC we have Dial a Teacher (try googling that). It can help with the various homework/subjects.

    Just curious: which questions? I'm pretty good in the math stuff (science, eh, I'm pretty rusty!!).

    I've had a lot of luck in the dr math situation (they have new terms for EVERY function).

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    Check with you local library system. My county's library system has an online homework hotline that is open every day from 3 - 12. Students can ask for help in any subject ~ up through and including Calculus!

    It is mostly staffed by retired teachers. I checked it out before recommending it to my students and had a delightful online chat with a retired math teacher.

    Other math resources that are good:

    Hope that helps!

  6. happymomof2

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    Thanks everyone for the info I will check out the sites you mentioned on the computer.

    Beth, right now he is multiplying fractions with whole numbers. Example: 2 1/4 x 2/3. I can help him with the ones without whole numbers.

    After he finishes that he has some algebra - in my humble opinion... numbers and letters should stay seperate! :rofl:

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    I love it! :rofl:

    Here's a cool site that you can use for the algebra stuff:

    It'll make it less frustrating. Letters and numbers living together?!!! Oh well, worse things have happened.


    Whenever you're working with fractions, try converting it in your mind to cooking. If you have to double receipes, etc., you can picture it in your head better, but if it was on paper, it would drive you nuts.

    This will take you directly to "multiplying mixed numbers".

    Let me know if this helps!