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    I have 2 sons who will be 8 and 6 in May. My 8 year old is fine, hardly any problems with him, he's extremely bright and is very rarely in trouble. My problem is my 6 year old, he is generally well behaved but he tends to be very argumentative when told to do something, stubborn, shouts. this isnt every day but i need help with how to do deal with him before i jump over the edge!!!!:whiteflag:
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    Hi and welcome. You are NOT alone!!! My son is also argumentative and downright uncontrollable when he sets his mind to it, which is usually when he has been corrected or discplined for a bad behavior.

    I can recommend a good book that has helped many of us see why our kids minds work this way: The Explosive Child by Greene. I've implemented lots of his suggestions and have seen some good results from this.

    The other, more experienced moms will have some good questions for you soon. YOu're in the right place!