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Hi all I'm new here, I from NY Long Island area. I have a family member that's a level 2 registered sex offender, who has been held past his cr date and is approaching his max date. The family have been trying to find him a place to come home to. He cannot live within 1000ft of schools or in a home with minors while on parole as his charge was against a minor., and no one in the family meets those criterias. We have talked to the local parole/ probation office and was told it's not their responsibility to help find a place for him to reside its the responsibility of the counselor at his facility. Upon speaking to the counselor we were told it's parole responsibility. We've called the chief bureau of parole, the commissioner of doctor, and have been getting the run around. I'm asking if anyone have knowledge of landlords that will be willing to rent to him, please let me know; or if you can offer any advised it will be appreciated.

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Hi, Leecy. You really have more of a housing question. This is a parent support forum, so no one knows what to say. I guess what you can do is start making lots of phone calls. I assume you need to find him an apartment somewhere. There's a program in Virginia which will show you where registered sex offenders are living. It's designed to help parents keep an eye on their children. I know there are several in my neighborhood. Maybe if you look around online, plug in some addresses of potential apartments, if you find some offenders in an area, then you will know that those landlords are open to the idea.

Mostly, I think you will simply have to make a lot of phone calls. Are there other family members who could help you search? It doesn't sound like the parole officer is being helpful.


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Wow. His best bet bet is going to be a lower end rental mobile home park in a rural area. That or a landlord with multiple low-end single or double rental properties.

Unfortunately, the bulk of more reputable apartment owners,, especially those run by management companies, do background checks, and will not rent to sex-offenders.

Complexes in general are going to be a no-go for that reason.

It's going to e really difficult for him to find a place to live. One other option might be a lower-end SRO (Single Room Occupancy) building, though those have gotten tighter on background checks, as well.