Helping difficult child's job hunt is not for the fainthearted


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difficult child only had a half day today. I told him that I would take him job hunting today after he got home from school. He gets home from school and guess what? This isn't a good day to do "interviews" (not doing interviews, we're just doing applications today), I don't feel good and need to rest (his allergies are acting up. I gave him an allergy pill) Besides, I need a hair cut desperately (no he doesn't), I need a new belt and new clothes because I don't take care of my clothes and they are all either ripped or stained. (no s**t sherlock). I can't do interviews until I get all of this stuff. So I have him put the best clothes we can find in the wash and tell him we'll do his resume and then see how he feels. And it's not necessarily going to be interviews today as we are just going to go get or fill out applications. Ok fine....he agrees to that. But then he got a little out of sorts because when he sat down to work with me on his resume he 1) had his Gameboy in his hands (I can do two things at once!) and 2) sat about 6 feet from the computer but claimed he could still see the screen. I told him he needed to turn off the game and sit closer. Of course he refused and stomped out of the room. I followed and basically told him that when someone is trying to help him with something that he doesn't know how to do, it's not advisable to be mouthy and spit out attitude all over the place. As I'm typing this, he has come back and said he would do it but now he's going to have to wait until I'm done. And I'd be willing to bet money that if I take longer than he thinks is necessary he'll be complaining about that too even though he has no idea what I'm in the middle of. :hammer:

This is going to be such a fun day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> ....and just wait until you try to convince him that wearing a pair of khaki or black pants with-a belt & maybe a button down shirt will be far more impressive to a manager than a t shirt with-some snotty statement & a pair of jean with-raggedy bottoms will catch the eye of a prospective employer ~~~ yes, even when the job is dishwashing. oh & let us not forget doing follow~ups even when you don't get a call back it also helpful. it took my son a bit of time to finally listen to his mom. rofl

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We have returned from our adventure. We only hit up a few places as he's very limited on what he wants to do. He actually liked the outfit that I "suggested" (jeans, sweater and nicer shoes) and presented himself very well when we went places. He did have me come in with him but he did all of the talking and even came up with things that I forgot to tell him. (Thank you for your time, please keep me in mind, etc.) I just think this is going to be an effort to find him a job. Our town isn't that big and is very limited on opportunites on what he wants to do. Transportation is also an issue so we have to limit the search to the city limits. I wanted to try a couple of more places but he insisted that he needed to go home because he was feeling tired from nerves. (Ha! lol good thing he was too young for the nursery to hire him. He'd REALLY be tired after working there!)
I'm reading this thread carefully as I know it won't be too long before I have to go through this with difficult child 1. I think I'll need a stiff:smile:drink first!!!

Anyway, your "adventure" sounds mostly positive to me. Your difficult child knows how to be courteous (SP?) in public - a definite PLUS!!! I have to admit that I laughed when you said he was tired from nerves after only going to a few places!!!

I also know what you mean about living in a small town without many jobs available for teens. This is going to be difficult for difficult child 1 too.

I did notice the famous "difficult child attitude" when you said his opportunities are limited because of what he wants to do. He would probably change his tune pretty quickly if it meant not eating or taking a job even if it isn't what he had in mind. I already see this being a BIG issue with difficult child 1!!!

Well, at least he is sort of trying... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he finds a JOB soon!!! Please keep us updated.

And, don't forget to take lots of "ME" time. This should help!!! WFEN