Helping your child problem solve


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Education is a long process... thank you very interesting topic. Empathy is so important for our children to understand. Such a hard thing to grasp sometimes. We use the social stories, i like the idea of using "we" more often in conversation and opening up the conversation to discuss what someone is feeling, what I think, what difficult child thinks.


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good thread, allan. I know with ant another tool that is working lately is letting him think up solutions instead of me taking on his problems.

he has no license or car. his son lives almost 3 hrs away. I used to arrange to get him myself. I told ant that is his son and he must think of ways to handle this.

ant now pays a driver to go with him to get his son.

ant also has fines in three diff programs. I first made him a chart to budget it. he checks that chart each week and decides how he can spread his income over the chart.

at first he overspent his money left and was broke on tuesday with payday not til friday.

I did not intervene and let him go without til friday so he can learn to make his money last or he suffers without.

I think it really helped not to be overseeing him or to get angry at him or involved.