Here is the link to Dr. Greene's session

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    Here it is. I think people might be freaked out that I have their email addresses (as I only got one taker and one other interested). So, I'll post what I received here. Please watch it, it's so worth it. I only have access until October 2nd. You might have to copy and paste that link below (next to number 1) into your browser's window as it doesn't look like the link is active. Edit: yes it is... LOL

    Your request to view the recorded Center for Collaborative Problem Solving training session is approved. The presentation is available to you for 7 days, until October 2, 2007, 24 hours a day.

    Thanks for your interest in Center for Collaborative Problem Solving training sessions.
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    Thank you SO much for sharing that session. I just finished it and WOW - it really puts a fresh spin and perspective on how to work with kids. I hope to have my husband listen as well as he is very much a Plan A kind of person (my way or the highway)- and of course, our highly intelligent difficult child who has much talent and wisdom, takes offense and is not being rewarded for the skills she DOES possess. And we are not looking specifically for skills she lacks, just labeling her behavior as manipulative and attention-seeking. I hope to learn a lot more from their great web site at

    I did not realize that this collaborative problem solving was featured in The Explosive Child which has been frequently mentioned on the forum.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oh my gosh, I know. I can't believe how quickly other parents jump on the "Oh, you just don't spank him enough" bandwagon, or "you're letting him get away with too much" or "I (emphasised) would never put up with that (emphasised too)".

    You know, it has made me feel so inadequate as a mom until I watched that seminar. Now I realize that it's not my parenting because ALL of my kids would be this way, and they aren't. Yes, thanks for reminding me of the website as I've forgotten to go print out the pathways inventory.