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Hello all, It has been a while since my last update. We have had some steps forward for sure. difficult child 1 is doing fairlu well. He is going to school except on Monday Mornings. He just can not seem to get that day started on time. By lunch he is ready. He is gettign a bit demanding and not accepting no as easy anymore. We are trying to stand our ground. He is off medications at least. I call a lawyer last week. I am still so angry about what we went trhough with him on all that medication and almost killing me. Physically and emotionally. In Ontario I guess to sue a Doctor or hold them accountable is not a easy thing to do. It is not that I wanted any money fromt his , I just wanted this Psychiatrist to take ownership for what he did. In my work I see he uses the same cocktail of medications on other kids and they are all in the same way. One of my 8 yr old clietns is in hospital now trying to calm down and come off the medications too. His poor FOster Mom was being black and bleu from him.

Well my difficult child 2 daughter has turned 16, She is finally gone back to school. SHe is on the volly ball tema and enjoys it most days. There are days she does not want to go to practice. Her moods flip so quick too. She attacked her younger sister a few weeks ago. All over sitting int the front seat. She kicked and screamed and hit her. It was a mad house for a few hours. I tried not to get upset and stay calm. It was hard. Hormonal I do not know. She is on medications still. Effexor and imovane to sleep. The other night I was out witht he police looking for my foster kid and they were fighting agoin over this computer. It was so embarrassing.

Then there is my foster kid. He was with us a few years back and asked to return. He is 15, diabetic and on insulin. His mom died and does not know who his dad is. He is not listening. He is doing drugs and alcohol. His fre\iends got upset when I called the police to look for him. He is soo moody and his sugars are high like 22-30 high. We can not force him to take his medications or eat or stop eating for that matter.

Why do I get this? I try to be soo good to the kids and they still act out like this. There are days I just want to run away.. When will it ever change.?

If anyone has any thoughts on how towork with this kid let me know. His worker tells me to call the police and have him taken to ER if his sugars go high. The ER doctor laughs and says he knows what he is doing better than he does and the CHild Advocate said I can't do that it is against his rights? He has given up on himself and is walking the same path as his mother. I might have to give up soon on him. I hate to see him go again as a group home would be his only option.

All this stress has made me ill as well. Now I have diabetes and high blood pressure. My wife has had dibetes for years but her sugars from al the stress is high as is her blood pressure.

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I don't know how things work up there, but I don't understand how taking a child into the ER to be treated for a medical condition would violate their rights. I wonder if this child advocate would have the same view if he was violently ill with the flu?

Raising difficult child's can be grueling at times. You have to remember to take time out for yourself. If you're not up to snuff it makes it harder to hold down the fort.