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Well, I think last time I posted I said that difficult child had gone to live with her dad in a northern community and that she was doing great, had a job, etc. The bubble popped pretty quickly after that. She got fired from her job (for smoking dope outside on her break) and ran away from dads (probably didnt help that they left her alone overnight). I have talked to her on MSN a couple times trying to convince her to turn herself in as she cant live like this forever and if all these issues arent cleared up by the time she is 18 (in 16 months) that she is going to have it on her permanent record and tried to explain what the repercussions of that would be. She kept saying "ya, ya, ya, Ill do it" and we all know that she never did. Although, she was talking to me on MSN and being nice.

I hadnt heard from her in a few days and was starting to get worried when last night she called at 11pm in tears. Her boyfriend had been picked up on a breach of curfew and was going to jail for 2 years (or so she says). I let her talk (the fact that she called me at all is HUGE as she would never have done that in the last couple of years) and Im really hoping that she is realizing that she cant keep living like this. She said that she doesnt like having to look over her shoulder all the time and that she is scared to walk down the street incase the police find her. She also told me that she was going to turn herself in today. Im keeping my fingers crossed that she does. If she goes to jail (which is a defiante possiblity) she would end up in Prince George and then hopefully go on to another 6 month residential program which the probation officer says is pretty good and has seen good results with kids that have gone through it.

The fact that her boyfriend got picked up last night is atleast something to tell the PO as he may have a better idea of where to find her if she doesnt turn herself in. Im praying that she is maybe starting to see the light......



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I'll keep my fingers crossed that she does what she said she is going to. Glad to hear she's not happy with the way she is living.
I'm sure your not happy about the thought of her going to jail, but atleast it's a roof over her head and food for now. I hope she can get into the residential program afterwards.

How will you know if she turns herself in. Do you think you'll be the one phone call she gets?? I hope so for your sake so you don't have to continue to worry about where she is.

Keep us posted.


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Her probation officer will (should) call me and let me know. Ive spoken with him several time in the past and he has said that when he finds anything out he would call. And yes, I do think that I would be the one phone call. I asked her to contact me today somehow (email, phone, msn) and let me know what was going on and what she had decided.


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I feel for you. this causes a lot of angst and sadness as you wait for her to do the right thing. I think she will.

ant called me once from reno nevada on his 21st birthday (3 yrs ago). he was lonely because his girlfriend had left him to return home. he could not stand being there alone. I talked him into turning himself in, and he did. it took him two yrs in jail to get all the bases covered. a long hard time. but it is over and ant is working now and has his own place.

God speed!