He's in the ER...


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So...today was the day...had to call for an ambulance for a medical transport. :crying:

After difficult child 1 went to school today at 10:50 am, he was AWFUL...he went to the library and had a complete meltdown because he couldn't fit the title of his book on the line provided on the paper and pushed the table he was sitting at in the direction of some other children. I got a phone call at 11:50 am telling me to stay close to home because I was probably getting a phone call to come pick him up, but he was going to lunch at the moment.

He ended up going to lunch...was OK...then had 2 more MAJOR meltdowns in school that included smashing his pencil box on the floor, flipping over his desk, and requiring the teacher and social worker to clear this kids out of his classroom. They finally called me at 3:00 to ask me to meet them at the dismissal door before the big dismissal rush, which I did, but they weren't there. After dismissal, the principal met me and we went inside in search of them and difficult child was in his classroom doing his schoolwork. Now, writing is a HUGE trigger for him, yet he sat there writing sentences like there was no tomorrow! Then, he refused to go home. The social worker and I finally physically carried him out of school and down the street to my car.

Once we got him in the car, we couldn't get him to put his seat belt on or get the van door closed (automatic door- anything gets in the way or hits the handle and it reopens), so we called the police. We sat there for an HOUR trying to get his belt on and the door shut. We finally made the decision to call an ambulance for a medical transport to the ER. He's in total crisis mode. He also started hitting, kicking, and punching us, which he hasn't done since he was 3-4 years old. At the ER, they ended up having to give him a shot of Benadryl to calm him down he was so out of control.

It's now 11:56 pm and my husband is staying at the ER with him while I'm home with our 3 yr old. They're trying to find him a pediatric in-patient bed at another hospital.

I held it together all the way until I hit the highway on the way home...then I thought I was going to hyperventilate. But, at least this will get him some help much faster than the snails pace evaluation the Social Worker is doing at the Behavioral Center and we'll finally get some new diagnosis's to work with other than the ODD (which we *KNOW* we're dealing with SO much more than that).

I'm so exhausted but I can't bring myself to go to bed. :frown:


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Wow! I think you really have a mood disorder on your hands. Proper medication will help a lot. And from your previous post, it is good to know that you are already able to provide him with consequences for this kind of behavior.
Sad, but true, when he is in the hospital, they will be able to monitor his moods and related behaviors, or other symptoms, and hopefully set you on the right path, a lot faster than a social worker.
Good luck, and this is a hard time, but use it to do anything to take care of your self, so you can take care of him when he does come home.


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Oh boy what a bad day. But hope it is the start of something more positive.

If you have time, please get a copy of the book the Bipolar Child. Not saying you have a child with Bipolar, but sounds like some kind of mood disorder--at least worth thinking about.

What would be useful to read is the chapter on medications--it is wise to be very well informed when the hospital starts talking to you about medications. A major thing to be aware of is that kids with potential mood disorders probably shouldn't be started on anti-depressants like Prozac without other medications in place.

My oldest had some similar issues in school at about your son's age-we have got him on a good medication regime now and he is many, many times better. So please don't give up hope. but we wasted a lot of time before we finally got hooked up with a competent child psychiatrist who believed in mood disorders and was willing to work with us on the medication trials.

As others have said, try to use the time while he is in the hospital to recoup some of your sanity etc.

let us know what happens.

sendinig hugs your way.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> he's in the right place. when you speak to the SW ~~~ who will probably be the first person you talk to about treatment ~~~ request that they conduct a neuropsychologist evaluation on your son.

some other tips for while he's hospitalized. develop a good communication with-staff....those that do the day to day stuff with-him. they can provide you with-the best info on how he'd doing. they can also be your consuit to the psychiatrist ~~ who generally not great communicators tho some are terrific.

you will have to okay an medications they might want to trial & they have to keep you informed if they want to make medication changes.

visitation is often limited when they are on psychiatric units. it gives them a better opportunity to build a realationship with-your child if you are not there all the time. some phospitals allow daily visits....others do not. do not let it throw you.

hang in. hopefully this will get you some much~needed help.

</span> </span> </span>


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It sounds like he is where he needs to be. It is difficult, but he will be getting psychiatric testing and they will be able to watch him each day. They can also trial some medications to see what might help.

Good luck!!!



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I am so sorry you had such a bad time of it. Been there (too many times to count). We have not had to call an ambulance for transport yet, but the last time difficult child was hospitalized it came very, very close - and I probably should have done just that. I am sure the next time we will have to go that route.

Your difficult child's behaviors sound very much like ours. The outbursts and temper, etc. Also the digging in of the heels, etc. We have had to physically remove our difficult child from school and force him into our car, too.

I am sending you many hugs. I know this is a incredibly difficult time, but it sounds like you made the best decision. Now difficult child can get the help that he needs - and things can improve for your entire family.

Hang in there.


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Chiming in that, although it's hard, it may be for the best. It does seem like you may be dealing with a mood disorder. I agree with Kris--insist on a neuropsychologist evaluation. It may be covered, since he's in the hospital! Other than that, gentle hugs.


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Thanks so much, everyone. It was so hard to wake up this morning and know that he wasn't in his room and I almost don't know what to do with myself not having to expend all of this energy to battle over going to school or not and wondering what kind of day we're going to have.

I know he's where he needs to be. The evaluation just wasn't going to happen fast enough or with the right people and as much as I don't necessarily want to jump on the medication bandwagon, he's so out of control, I really think we don't have any choice- he really seems to NEED something, so I hope we can find a good combo to help him. I've definately suspected a mood disorder from the begining (among some possible other things), so hopefully we get an accurate diagnosis here and can get going.

I will be sure to request the neuropsychologist evaluation while he's in there...it would be nice if insurance would cover it, but quite frankly at this point I doubt and I really don't care. If he needs it, he'll get it and we'll find some way to pay for it.

Thanks for all of your help, guidance, and support. I feel so lost...this is all new territory for us.


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Just got a call from husband at the hospital.

NOW they're saying that they're going to re-evaluate him and *SEE* if they're going to find an in-patient bed for him! Of course, this morning he's calmer, he's not screaming, kicking, hitting, or punching, because he slept all night and his brain has reset and there's nothing that's triggered him or set him off yet.

I swear, I have no idea what I'm going to do if they send him home.


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We had an interview with a social worker at the hospital and he pretty much decided that he needed to find a bed. They said that if there is a danger to himself or others, and if he was not attending to taking care of himself it was reason enough to admit him.

I am thinking of you, and hoping that he gets the help he needs.

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I would guess the change in tactics would indicate there are no pediatric psychiatric beds available.

If difficult child is discharged & he begins this level of violence/aggressive/ out of control behaviors today, you will likely have to go back to ER & start again.

Is ER willing to give you a PRN script for agitation? What is the discharge plan? Can ER set up an emergency appointment at psychiatrist today for your difficult child? Go directly from hospital to doctor's office? Will psychiatrist step in?

Will school document recent behaviors for SW to see? You need to be armed with documentation; dates, times, places, etc.

Last time a psychiatric bed wasn't available for kt, she was admitted to the children's hospital until a bed became available. The hospital SW was responsible to find a psychiatric bed & she recognized that kt wasn't safe in our home or in the community.

Will be keeping finger crossed for you today.


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I am so sorry to hear that they might let him go. The first time I had to take difficult child to the hospital it went about the same as it is for you. What we ended up having to do was call our health care company and see what there Mental health coverage was. They will tell you where they cover him. Then start makeing calls, call every one and see if they have a bed. Ask to talk with someone in the intake department. Most of the time they will help you find a way to get them in. And if the hospital he is in now will not move him most will do an intake them selfs and take them with out a transfer. Also call your case worker, the social worker at the school, they can be very helpful due to the people they know. If it was not for the worker at my difficult child's last school the last time he went in would not have happend. Hang in there it will get getter. Just know as his mom you are doing everything you can to hlep him have a happy life. I think that is all we want for our difficult child's, is to be happy.

Prayers that the hospital can find a peds psychiatric bed for him today. We have been on this Merry-go-round so many times, and it is so hard on everyone, including the poor difficult children!! I hate the "she's better today so let's just wait till she explodes or throws a desk or what have you" attitude that the SW's who are working to find a bed for them have. Yesterday should have been "proof" enough that your son needs more help than he is receiving! Errrrrr!!! Sorry, just ticks me off for our kids!

Hugs and prayers,


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My prayers are with you and your family.I sure hope they find a bed for him and keep him. I send you a cyber hug :kisses:


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I think your prayers worked! After the re-evaluation, they still kept looking for a bed and finally at 5 pm they got us an ambulance transfer to a hospital about 1/2 hr away from us. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!