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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by in a daze, Nov 1, 2014.

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    So in the last month he's been very stressed out with the comings and goings and antics of the people he lives with in the sober house. psychiatric doctor has weaned him off his zyprexa. He has been complaining more and more about feeling depressed, although he does continue to go to work.

    He called me this afternoon complaining of extreme depression and racing thoughts. He called psychiatric resident on call who of course told him to come in to be evaluated. The psychiatric hospital is convienently across the street and his p doctor is on staff, so he walked there.

    I have been feeling kind of weepy today. Maybe some kind of mother's intuition.

    His therapist called back and feels he needs some sort of higher level of care.

    I'll keep you guys posted.
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    God Bless- will be thinking of you ...
  3. recoveringenabler

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    IAD, sending warm hugs and prayers for peace for you.........perhaps this is simply an adjustment of his medications, an appropriate evaluation for him at this time........hang in there, we're all here for you, you're not alone........let us know...........
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    Hoping for the best, IAD. I think it is good that he recognized he needed help and took the right steps to get it. Please keep us posted.
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    Thinking about you. Glad to hear he is doing the right things and getting help though. I'd much rather have a difficult child willing to work with you than fighting the system.
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    Thinking of you. It seems quite hopeful that your son recognized his downward slide and did something about it.
  7. in a daze

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    Thanks, you guys. We saw him today. He looked tired but was conversant. The house manager is very controlling and is not very diplomatic, to put it gently, with the clients in the house. His previous job was with the Salvation Army rehab, so you can tell where he is coming from. The other guys in the house complain about him constantly and call him not so nice names behind his back. My son says the other guys harass him (about what I don't know. He's not weird looking or anything) The stress of living with a bunch of strangers is really getting to him, and he told us the house manager told him he got one more chance to clean up his room and if it wasn't up to expectations he was getting the boot. This really was very frightening for him to hear this.

    I talked to the house manager last night, and I got a different story. He told me my son is one of the most compliant ones in the place, never a problem. I asked him about the laundry and his room and he said sometimes he needs reminders but it's not that much of a problem. So apparently he blusters and makes empty threats, but because of difficult child's learning disability and personality/psychiatric problems difficult child takes him seriously and gets very stressed out and depressed.

    difficult child'S problems with interpersonal relationships and his social anxiety are such big contributers to his depression and anxiety. He was doing a little better this summer, playing basketball and chess and going to more meetings, but that's kind of fallen by the wayside. He had a ready social group through his cousin, who took him to meetings and introduced him to people, but has never made one friend since he's been in this area for the last nine months. It's really strange, since he has always had friends growing up and seemed to be well liked. The clique he hung around with late teens/early twenties were genuinely baffled and worried when he disappeared for a while (hospital and rehab), posting on Facebook and calling the house.

    His therapist says he needs a higher level of care, but where and what? He doesn't seem to know. Mentioned one private pay program that's at least 9000.00 a month.
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    Oy. Thinking of you.

    (Is it just me or is it almost always the psychiatric field professionals that think people are made of money?)
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    In A Daze --- Heavy events recently. So sorry to hear that. Sometimes "higher level of care" is so inaccessible (location, openings, money, compliance, etc). So many variables make it tough.

    Was there any change to his medications after the reduction of Zyprexa? Our difficult child didn't do very well on Zyprexa. Worked sometimes, but inconsistent, got insatiable hunger pangs, put on weight, got gynecomastia. Hoping, perhaps, there's some other medication which might work better for him?

    Saying a prayer for peace you..... So difficult being caught between a rock and a hard place -- especially when it's about someone you love so much. Please keep us posted. Thinking of you...
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    Can he get labeled Disabled? If so, then he'd get help and Medicare.
  11. recoveringenabler

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    Thinking of you IAD.

    Wow, a higher level of care. Is there still such a thing as a group home? I may be living in another era, but I seem to recall Calamity Jane telling us that her brother lives in a group home. But perhaps your sons care is more complex. I hope a solution arises soon. Hang in there IAD.